40th Anniversary

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  1. Who all is going to the 40th show next month? Anyone hear what might be there? I'm assuming all of the cars in the posted pics will be there. I want to see what the aftermarket guys have done with the new stang.
  2. I'll be there!!!
  3. When Where?
  4. Nashville & the 40th

    I'll be there Wednesday thru Sunday. I made the 30th and 35th which were both great events.

    I'm signed up for open track on Friday and Saturday. I'll also cruise the swap meet and cars 'for sale' area. :nice:
  5. Are you going to have the Cobra R on the track?? How much for a ride in it?? lol...
  6. I'll be there. :nice:
  7. I'll be there with the Mach1 Registry
  8. I'll be cruising in with Mustangs Across America. :nice: I'm gonna do the trip from California to Nashville and stay the entire weekend. :banana:
  9. Pro3 (StangNet) will be there! ;)
  10. Rides are free, but they will not allow passengers during the open track events (all 3 of my Mustangs are raced).

    Everyone be safe on the road to/from Nashville! :nice:

    You may need to increase your gas budget. I just returned from FL. Gas was almost $2.00/gal. ($1.59 in GA). Race 112 leaded is $6.25/ gal.