35th Anniv 5.0 35th ??

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 1stanger1, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. first of all i couldnt find anything on here about it i dont know if its been done or if anyone has posted anything onnhere after they did it

    but i really need to know

    i am in the process of pulling out the V-6 in my 35th and dropping in a fuel injected
    i am gonna use the motor wiring harness for a 94-95 because it plugs into the harness on the right side of the car to the factory V-6 plug now i am also using a speed density computer therefore eliminating a maf

    My question here is well the afore mentioned and is there any difference in the harness between the years and between the 5.0 4.6 and the V6

    if you know of anything diagrams pictures anything please show me where to find them and if this has not been done i will post pics as i go

    any help here would be greatly appreciated

    Alan kendall
  2. for one why would you convert to speed density? also why not a get a 4.6?k member is different for a v6.
  3. first of all i want to be different all you guys do the same thing with your cars and as far as the k member its all taken care of the only thing i am concerened about is wiring are the pins in the computer the same through out the years or what

    Whats different? if anything
  4. your car isn't a special production car. you should be posting in the V6 or 94/95 section.
  5. well hmmmm lets see
    yes i do belive your right

    except for one thing this is the only place on here that says 35th anniversary and it is a 99 and it does have 35th emblems sooo.............

    wait a minute it must have been made in 1999 when it was the 35th anniversary of the mustang
    forget this you people dont even build your own cars you take them to someone else the only thing ya'll can do is put a cold air intake on and then you still need to read the instructions

    i'm outy
  6. oh ignorance.....

    ALL 1999 Mustangs have 35th badges. ONLY the Limited Edition GT's are special production. NOT ALL GT's are Limited Editions. you have niether. this forum is for the SPECIAL EDITION 35th anniversary GT's. you are posting in the wrong area.

    wow! how do you know i only know how to install a cold air kit? you must be psychic! hmmm, now if i could just remember how I installed all those mods listed in my sig on my car..... oh, btw, I also TUNED my own car. so STFU!!

    don't be a whiny little bitch making comments about stuff you know nothing about.
  7. :fairyfight:
  8. A 21 post newb v6 owner talking trash to senior members in the wrong forum...

    Ignorance at its finest, good riddance.

  9. Agreed. I was just thinking that I never see any trash talking or badmouthing going on in this forum as we are all to mature for that :D
  10. If you look at this guy's other posts, he's an obvious know-nothing guy who came to the Mustang world from the DSM people. He's tackling a bunch of projects that he knows nothing about and won't listen to what he's told when he asks for information.
  11. aw man, i had no idea i had such a special car! sweet. #100964 of 126,067.

    i knew today was a great day.
  12. :lol:

    I kind of understand the defensiveness though. I posted one little thing and got mauled by a bunch of the other members. Still though, wouldn't he just post this in the 5.0 tech forum (or any other tech forum for that matter) or something?
  13. Considering the direction it went, the only Forum I plan on moving this one too in the near future is the Deleted Threads Forum. :notnice:

    To the original poster....don't be such a smart ass. You're not going to get any help around here walking around with a chip on your shoulder. This thread would have gotten a lot more useful hits had it been posted in one of the tech sections just as DBMSTNG informed you. As it sits now, its going from an advice thread to a free for all because of your piss poor attitude. :nonono: