50th Anniversary Mustang

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  1. This might be a dumb question, but why is the 2015 Mustang the 50th anniversary? I had a 2004 Mustang and it was the 40th anniversary edition, so how is one from 11 years later a 50th anniversary?
  2. Technically the 1st Mustang was a 64.5, Ford wanted to send off the SN-95's last year with an anniversary model so there is the "40th" and want to start an 80% new Mustang in 2015 as the "50th"
  3. Thanks for the explanation. 80% new as in 80% different than the current model?
  4. My guess is it will be the usual pathetic fender badge and/or tape stripes. Nothin' special.
  5. Then you'd be wrong.;)

  6. sounds like you know something that i want to know as well...
  7. 64 1/2 really did not exist. Yes they were sold from April 1964 BUT as I understand it they were all numbered as 65s.
  8. Dont see why they are changing the 5 year cycle.
    I had both a 99 (35th) and an 04 (40th).
    I always got a kick out of non mustang civilians trying
    to figure out the side badge while next to me at a light.
  9. I had a 89 and a 90 and they both had 25th on the dash
  10. Nothing more than anybody else. 2015 will be 10 years on this platform and is usually when they introduce a new body style. That and being that it's the 50th anniversary, it's prolly gonna be completely different. Do a search for 2015 mustang, there's plenty of talk on the net about it.
  11. I think they should introduce the 50th anniversary half way through the 2014 year. Wasnt the reason there were mustangs released in 64 1/2 is to see how the public viewed them? and from there they held the friggin world record for most production cars sold in one year. I am actually doing a research paper on masculinity and American muscle cars. anyone have insight on some more stereotypes for different kinds of cars. like the mustang camaro callenger, and also small block and big block engines.
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    An M3 with an F-150 grille? I...I don't understand...

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  14. I don't know whay the hype is on 2013, being the 2015 is when the body is going to change. 80% new means that it will will be a re-engineering of the current platform that the S-197 sits on. It will have reduced over hang from the front and rear wheels and even with an independent rear suspension Ford is shooting for a 200lbs reduction over the current Mustang.
  15. This, what it is, is the late build date 89's and early build date 90's were badged as 25th's. As far as i know they have always been this way.
  16. Best thing i've read about it so far... the current weight is just right for a muscle car, (challenger, wtf?) but if the GT were around 3300 lbs it'd be even more perfect :nice: with what, 450 N/A hp? :eek: how much further can they really go? :shrug:
  17. Not sure what the HP will be for the 2015 but there is a rumor that the 5.0L will go GDI so there may be a HP bump.
  18. I attended the 45th anniversary of the Mustang car show sponsored by the Mustang Club of America in April 2009. The 2010 Mustang was just out and those that were there got a lot of looks. The 2009 Mustang, however, was considered and badged as the 45th anniversary model.
    Someone then please tell me why the 50th anniversary model will be a 2015? Even Ford's own math ought to tell you that it will be a 2014, based on the 45th anniversary model.
    I know Ford reps visit this site. I really would like an answer. It seems like whenever a major anniversary comes around, no one can agree as to the actual date. Yes, the first Mustang appeared in 1964 and all were titled as 1965 models. That should not surprise anyone considering the fact that it is not yet 2012 yet the 2013 model will soon be out. Will any 2012 Mustangs actually be built in 2012 or will all production of the 2012 cease in 2011? I would also like someone to explain Ford's calendar to me.
    By the way, the Mustang is named for the horse, thus the running pony. I still see many experts in print and on TV claim it was named for the fighter plane of the same name. It was not.
    I just wish I understood Ford's calendar. But I am at a real loss to understand why 2009 was the 45th anniversary but the 50th anniversary will be 2015. I know Americans are bad at math, but this is ridiculous.
  19. So..... 9 + 5 = 14.... simple math 101...
  20. Funny thing you brought that up. My buddy who works for Ford in Detroit was in town for Thanksgiving. He said last night the new Mustang will be out in 2014, not 2015, FWIW.