68 V8 Drum Spindles & Other Stuff "CHEAP"

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by horseballz, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. I've got some stuff I want to clean out. All I want is a few $$ for my packaging labor/time + shipping. All parts are from a 68 Mustang Coupe/289 3-speed.

    >>V8 drum brake spindles. Some of the disc brake kits now use the drum spindles. If you want the drums, hubs, backing plates, etc, any or all of it let me know. $45 or make offer.

    >>Clutch/brake pedal/support assembly/manual brake, no spring. Bushings are still tight but I would either put new plastics in it or install one of Mustang Steve's ball bearing conversion kits. $50 or make Offer.

    >>2-Upper control arms for 3-bolt ball joints, need shaft/bushing kits and ball joints. Not sure if they are aftermarket or Ford replacements. $10 each or Make an Offer

    >>2-Upper control arms for 4-bolt ball joints, likely OEM. Shafts and ball joints seem tight but YMMV. $20 each or Make Offer.

    >>4-Stock spring perches, if you want to do your own roller perch conversion. Make Offer.

    >>3-speed transmission with shifter, bell housing and flywheel. Any or all of it. $75 or Make offer.

    >>Stock 3-row radiator/16"x24" both hoses passenger side 1-1/2" upper-1-3/4" lower. No leaks, could use a rod out/clean. $30 or Make Offer.

    >>Factory in dash AC box complete, needs a little fiberglass repair (not a lot) and new rubber, no leaks in heater core or evaporator, with vacuum motors etc, expansion valve and blower motor. No vents, defroster plenum or dash controls/switches. Condenser also available. $150 or Make offer.

    Thanks for looking,
  2. >V8 drum spindles=SOLD

    >Also have a pair of OEM 68 hood hinges. OK condition, need cleaning and lube (a little surface rust)-$40 or make offer.

    >As for the Clutch/brake pedal/support assembly/manual brake, I do have the spring and it turns out that the pot metal is not good on one side. If anyone is interested, I'll do the Mustang Steve ball bearing upgrade and it is a piece of cake to for you to slip in/swap to your power brake/power disc pedal if you need/like. $50 as is or $130 upgraded.
  3. Update

    >Clutch/brake pedal assembly=SOLD
  4. what motor w the raditor for
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