For Sale 71-73 Mustang tach dash cluster & bezel


New Member
Mar 14, 2018
Cobleskill NY 12043
This unit looks to be in very nice restorable condition.There are no cracks or broken tabs anywhere.8000 RPM tach.Needle bounces when handling it and returns to zero.I know that doesn't mean much,but it is not stuck or frozen.There is no lense.I'm a GM guy,when I was researching how to test the tach and gauges and saw how differently they are tested from the GM stuff that I'm familiar with I decided to leave well enough alone,SO the tach has not been tested.There is a small area where the printed circuit started to delaminate,so I taped it together,but is still totally functional.I can take more pics if needed.$300.00 plus shipping. Thanks Dennis in Cobleskill NY 12043


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