75 mach 1

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  1. As far as the Mach goes, the only difference is the paint, decals, and the fact that it came with the V6 standard. The Competition Suspension (included in the Ralley Package) was an option on any II. Oh yeah, the Mach also came standard with the dual sport mirrors and styled steel wheels.
  2. thanks guys! i'm currently restoring a 63 ss nova so when its done I will go out and buy that old rustang and most likely use it as a daily driver!:nice:
  3. Doesn't the Mach 1 have it noted in the VIN as well, where the Cobra's and King's don't note it in the VIN?

    Wouldn't that actually make a Mach 1 II more desirable in some aspects unless you have all of the proper documentation for a Cobra or King?
  4. Yes, the Mach I does have its own designated VIN code. All that REALLY means is that its a bit easier to verify. On a Cobra II or a King, you have to pop the hood and look at the bucktag...

    I still see a lot more people specifically looking for Cobra II's and King Cobras than Mach I's...
  5. Don't wait too long, it might disappear.
  6. True. It's odd, people really identify more with the Cobras. I've even seen factory Mach 1's that had been repainted to Cobra clone status. Personally, I think a Mach 1 looks really good on its own. I think if I had one, I would probably add the Cobra spoilers, and then do a hood black-out treatment similar to the first generation Mach 1's. Someone on one of these forums did that, plus added Magnum 500 wheels to the car and painted it Grabber Blue. It looks really sharp, and and excellent example of how good a II Mach 1 can look.

    Make mine a '77 in Vista Orange, black interior with t-tops, please!
  7. its not going anywhere! its an older man who owns a junk yard that not to many people know about and he isnt advertisng the car i just went out to get nova parts and seen it!
  8. Not a big fan of any II fastback that doesn't have a rear spoiler. To me they just don't look right. Same with '70+ Camaros. My current car is just a plain fastback V8 car and the only thing I have on it at this moment is the Cobra rear spoiler. Hell, I sold a '78 T-Top Cobra car and still hung onto the fastback. Yeah sure it's cool to own a real Cobra but i felt really hesitant doing any real mods to the car because it was 'a real' Cobra. With my fastback, it doesn't bother me a bit. :nice:
  9. I kinda agree but have been debating about it myself for my 78. I have a rear spoiler and front chin spoiler sitting in the garage staring at me, daring me to out them on but so far I've resisted lol. I think the hatches do look like they are missing something with out the tail on them, but tailless is kinda of growing on me. Either way when the reapint comes it's keeping the Mach two tone and not getting a clone job done to it wether I have the spoilers installed or not.