SOLD 79-98 steeda lightweight aluminum control arms, w/new bushing kits $100 NJ


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Aug 8, 2003
Hey guys, would rather somewhere here take these than a random craigslist sale.

I have a set of steeda aluminum lightweight lowers. They are about $300 at steeda.
2 sets of bushings, softer and harder with new sleeves both brand new. I opened one set to test fit.

I've been systematically switching over to the MM kit, so i have their lowers on the car now or i would not be selling these.
Last piece of the puzzle for me is the HD torque arm.

The bushings are 3 piece.

Paint on them could use some work (i was going to have them powdercoated a color), but can easily be home painted, stripped (probably look cool as all aluminum with a clearcoat) or used as is.

Literally these and the MM arms are the only ones i would personally use, definitely not the knock off junk.

$100 picked up or $125 shipped most likely priority mail.
The two bushing kits combined cost more than i'm asking.

I live in jackson NJ, a few miles from great adventure.


Edit: I'm not 100% on 96-98, but i'm pretty sure, so do your research.


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