Drivetrain 8.8 rear end rebuild

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by MikeH686, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Anyone know of a good 8.8 rebuild kit im installing 3.55 gears and a 31 spline lsd
  2. You talking the shim kit and bearings? Or the clutch packs?
  3. Shim kit and bearings i got the lsd already rebuilt
  4. Thanks again man youve been a big help so far with this project
  5. No problem man! Only thing I may change in that kit is a solid sleeve so it's re useable.

    Btw you race down at the creek?
  6. I will when this is done kind of my first car to be worth racing
  7. Cool... We should be down there a bunch next year with the 275 car. Would have been down a lot this last season but we messed the motor up pretty good mid season. Took all 8 out first race at Mir then broke the crank and melted a sleeve at Cecil...
  8. Holy shet man yeah i saw yall car the first 275 race last year for mir. My buddy wants to start a 275 ar with his trans am haha but im sure that class can be rather expensive
  9. Expensive is an understatement...

    A well set up chassis will be in the 20-30k range once you get shocks and such on it. The motors are going to run you between 40-60k to build a new one. Then you have fuel systems electronics safety gear trailer pit cart fuel.

    Best bet for a car is to buy a proven set up someone's getting out of. And even then your looking between 40-70k
  10. Yeah thats what i told him then he kind of got his feelings hurt by it so what are all the requirements with 275? I know wheel size is one any cid limitation?
  11. Big block nos is limited to 588" small block is as big as you can go in stock bore spaceing.

    Stock suspension or ladder bars. No wheelie bars single power adder unless its an inline 6 I believe. Must have stock frame rails to the motor plate and over the rear axle. They can be notched for clearance. Must have stock floor pans. Fire wall must be stock and in stock location. No stretched wheel bases.
    Blowers are limited to an f1x on stock valve angle heads only(23* Chevy 20* ford and 18* mopar no lsx)
    Blowers are limited to an f1r on anything on with non stock valve angles ie blue thunders Yates and those type of heads
    Turbos are limited to a large frame 88 turbo
    Sbnos limited to any multi stage system single or twin carb no pushers
    Big block nos limited to convential heads only
    Then the 4 6 and rotory motors have some other rules
  12. Suspension is anything as long as it bolts in stock location?
  13. Kinda... You can run a boxes and people make some pretty crazy torque box set up on a fox body. I'm sure the f body guys have stuff like it also
  14. Yeah i figured there something about it hopefully ill be down there more this season to not only watch but hopefully race
  15. Have either of y'all heard of setup kit?