87 5.0 wrx last night

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  1. I raced a 87 5.0 last night I thougt I was going get beat he had ton's of gauge's sounded mean as hell. so we go at about 45 as soon as i hit the gas i pulled him by 2 car's i had full tank of gas and my girl with me i has happy on that run. next i raced a WRX he would not stop palying with his BOV finally i got him to go soon as we hit it he got me by a car at the end he beat me 2 car's that's not bad i think he should of somked me worse then that all i have is exhaust :lol:
  2. was the wrx an sti? what mods do you have? introduce yourself
  3. non sti all i have is exhaust that is it and iam new
  4. I raced my buddys STI at the 1/8th mile track and he beat me by 2-4 car links, those things are fast, he should ran better but it was his first time at the track.

    side note i cant edit my timeslip info, just goes to a blank page, anyone esle have this prob?
  5. Normal WRX's are quick, but can be handled by lightly modded and geared 5.0's. Sti's on the other hand, as we all know, are waaay faster. 300hp, light as hell.
  6. Wow man, i would be pretty happy with the results. Is your car an auto or stick? regular sti's have like 220hp, and are much lighter than our cars so, for a stock car you did good, now, my next question, how the hell did you find a mustang that has no mods?
  7. welcome to stangnet :nice:
  8. Wait. . .do you have the WRX or a stang? I'm confused. I've raced a WRX non sti before and it wasn't very fast.
  9. :stupid:

    Those things are slow!
  10. im so lost....what kind or car do you have 5.0this??? :shrug: did u even say?

    is this just a troll??? :shrug:
  11. I have a 95 mustang i when i got it was stock it did have a king cobra clutch that is it. I knew the guy that had befor me didint know what he had so took it. I thought the WRX whould have somked me i was wrong but that is just one at of million. URBEN96 DID U CALL ME A TROLL?
  12. i'm calling you a troll too
  13. It's official this site suck's :notnice: Cant even say any thing with out people triping :notnice:

  14. Its not bad you just had us all confused. I thought you where a wrx troll coming to brag about beating a couple mustangs. I can understand the confusion.

    Come in and introduce yourself. Tell us future / current mods / plans.

  15. :notnice:

    No there not, they weight more then fox bodies. Its a common misconception that they are light, actaully they are not. And there very flimsy meaning if you lean on the side of the fenders they will dent. Im not kidding Ive heard this from STI owners.
  16. I PWN my friend's 2005 STI.

    If you go over to NASIOC, you'll see that in reality most STI's are high 13 second cars. The best time I've seen on that site for a stock STI was 13.5 with a 1.7' 60'.

  17. not my much if at all, see above post.
  18. Aye, they are fairly heavy. I believe my friend said his weighs 3400lbs.

    The STI is a GREAT car. Outstanding handling, great feel, great power, AWD, six speed....