'87-'93 blue GT seats

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  1. I always wondering have you EVER seen the blue GT seats from '87 to '93 stangs?? I think must be very rare blue GT seats, is that correct?? Because I have seen the red, grey and black GT seats all the times.

    If you have picture of the blue GT seats, that would be great!:D I would like to see it.

  2. Blue was only available in LX trim..red, black, grey and tan were the only 87-93 GT colors. The only way blue GT seats exist is if they were reupholstered that way (who would want to?).
  3. I was just going to say that, you couldn't get blue in a GT.
  4. I found the website and I spotted only available is leather blue GT seats!!!:D

    You read very carefully and you will see "Blue" leather GT seats:

  5. It says only gray and white leather available for '88.

    EVerything i've ever seen has said blue interiors were only available in LX's. Sport seats came in '89 and later LX's so maybe you could get blue sport seats....i've just never seen them. Maybe it's a base model color only???
  6. I've seen white & blue leather seats, as well as white & red (our '87 GT convertible has them), but never all blue. I can't see the seat color in the top picture - are the seats all blue cloth?
  7. Yeah, I did once SAW the blue cloth GT seats ('88-'90 GT hatchback) in long time ago in Toronto. I tried to refreshing my mind to remembered it.