93 hatch rolling chassis

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    super clean and rust free hatch. it is not butchered up. the entire engine compartment and undercarriage has been cleaned and painted. the factory blue paint on the exterior is **** and needs new paint. it's dinged,scratched and faded. but the car is as solid as they come.
    i was not going to paint the car as it was to be a sleeper. heres what it has and comes with.

    *New 04 BULLITT front brake calipers

    *New 04 cobra rear calipers

    *New 04 cobra front and rear cross drilled and slotted rotors

    *03-04 cobra rack and pinion

    *new RaceCraft inc. bump steer kit

    *new brake lines front to rear

    *new eibach pro kit lowering springs

    *new Energy suspension bushings in the fron A-arms

    *new Steeda X-2 ball joints

    *03-04 Cobra hydroboost power steering and brakes

    *96 cobra wheels with new GoodYear Eagle F1 tires

    *95 cobra rear axle with all new bearings and rebuilt tracloc diff

    *complete interior in very nice shape w/ new carpet

    *new headlights and marker lights

    *hydrualic clutch setup or manual cable

    *upper and lower torque boxes welded and reinforced

    *UPR upper and lower control arms

    *95 Gt front spindles

    theres plenty more just check out the pics.

    $2500 or trade for ? or sell for $2000 without wheels and tires.

    link to all the pics, i can take more upon request.
    chassis work pictures by killerkx327 - Photobucket

    View attachment 214337

    View attachment 214338


    View attachment 214340

    View attachment 214341





    motor and turbo kit are for sale seperately.

  2. Where are you located?
  3. ___________________________________________________________________________^^^^^^
  4. Uhhhhh.... Wats that mean
  5. how many miles? clean title? lmk very interested
  6. I'm new to this site and i'm very interested in your car. Does it come with the transmission or no? Clear title? Miles? Lmk thanks
  7. What state are you in?? Very interested
  8. it does not come with a motor ans or transmission. don't know actual mileage. does it even matter at this point. as everything is brand new. or is it just the fact that seems like the natural question to ask. you must be new at this.
    and if you guys can't figure out what state i live in you need to get off the internet and go back to school,.
  9. How are we suppose to figure it out just checked your profile not there and re read the post not there... Whats the big priblem with just telling us for some reason im feelin a scam

  10. OH yeah huge scam. do you see my screenname? now look straight across to the righ of this post--^
    that arrow means look up .
    and i've been a member here since before 2003. yes i took pics of a car in my garage and gave you my home phone number and email address in the post and i'm pulling a scam. you need to post your location so everyone can see where you're from.
  11. Sry dude maybe cause im on mobile version but i looked all over the page no location
  12. Do you still have the car? I live close and am interested in the car.
  13. sorry ,youre about 3 hours late. i just sold it.
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