'93 N/a to turbo?

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  1. What's up everybody? I have a '93 Lx, that i want to turbo, but don't know anything about it. Where can I get a turbo for that year. I've started reading other ppl's posts on the wiring, etc., but didn't find anything for a '93. What kind of power will it make?:shrug:
  2. you will want to find a turbo motor from an 84-87 turbo coupe or SVO. stock you should see about 200 give or take. with and intercooler and upgraded turbo/exhaust you should see around 250 or so.
  3. +1 If youre going to turbocharge your '93 motor, you will have to upgrade the stock internals, fuel injectors, MAF, etc. If you're willing to do that, find a turbo and exhaust manifold setup off of the SVO, adapting it would require less fabrication than buying an aftermarket turbo and fabricating a manifold. Or something like this... http://cgi.ebay.com/Ford-2-3-turbo-...39:1|66:2|65:12|240:1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14
  4. Good call, I am not too formiliar with the dfferent types of turbos. I posted it, cause I saw that it might fit his application.
  5. Hey guys, whats going on? I'm pretty new to this forum. I own a 91 2.3 notch. That bad boy gets me 430 miles on one tank of gas! I've been collecting information on a 2.3dp (dual plug) setup for almost a year and a 1/2. It's allot more complicated than i thought. Specially because the car will need to be tuned and there aren't allot of people that are familiar with this setup...

    So far I have installed:

    Gt front sway bar
    Gt rear sway bar
    1.5 inch lowering springs
    KYB gas-adjust rear shocks
    Dual Magnaflows w/ turn downs
    8.8 out of a turbo coupe with 3.55 gears & rear disk brakes
    custom e-brake setup
    took out rear seats

    I have sitting in storage:

    Forged pistons
    injectors from a merkur w/ matching vane type meter
    turbo out of a Merkur w/ down-pipe
    exhaust manifold

    So pretty much, all I need is slap this stuff on and find someone that can tune this car!

    But thats easier said than done...