94-95 Gt As A Daily Driver?

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  1. So I have a thread over in the Fox area asking if a Fox would be a good DD in Pittsburgh, and it was almost universally a no. I'd still like to have the 5.0 engine, so I'm wondering if the 94-95 Gts are any better in the snow and rain? More creature comforts? It would be my only car, but I am willing to sacrifice a little comfort and convenience for a cool car....but only up to a point.

    Any advice is appreciated!
  2. I drove a hopped up 90 5.0 LX one winter and it sucked, but I had really bad tires on it. I survived a really bad winter though driving it. That being said, by the time winter gets here this year I will have a truck to drive in the snow.
  3. I daily drove a 94 cobra for a year and a half no issues. I'm also daily driving my 85 coupe
  4. Pittsburgh is not too bad with snow so you would probably be ok with snow tires. Just have to be careful. The roads on the other hand are horrible. I felt like I was going to destroy my car when I used to live in pittsburgh lol.

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  5. I DD'd mine with goodyear 'ultra grip ice' tires on 16" steel wheels in the winter months for 3 winters in a row.
    This was in Idaho.
    No issues with snow tires on there.
    Was a little late putting them on one winter and got stuck in my driveway :rlaugh:.

    Only advantage over a fox would be the ABS braking.
  6. Before i painted it i DD my 383 stroker 95 mustang 45 Min. to work in Ashland, MA..... Threw "Blizzards" on 225/60/16 tires. I know how to drive.... I used fishtailing as a method of steering. But then again i know my car really well. lol
  7. Everyone used to recommend Bridgestone Blizzaks. They said they were great on a mustang in the snow. But I never tried them out.
  8. I drove my 95 gt with 315's that were baldish with decent results a couple winters ago when we had some pretty bad ice and i did just fine. It is all about time and knowing your car.
  9. Summer DD'ed my 95 vert in AK for 4 years. Lots of rain, and I ran Nitto DRs. I could have easily driven my car here in the winter with snow tires, saw lots of SN 95s DD'ed here on the winter. Just need to know your car and it's limits. My lowered car would have had to wait until roads were plowed. We've got crappy roads up here, worse than anything Pittsburgh has and my car did fine. Just be smart.
  10. Aside from winter manners... The same thing goes for the 94 & 95s as w the fox, well for any car really; try and find one w low miles that hasn't been molested.
  11. Oh and yes the 94 and 5s have a tad more creature comforts but the aftermarket isn't quite as abundant as the fox. With owning either it helps if you can turn a wrench
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  12. I'm decently handy with tools, but I don't want to be fixing my DD every other day either. but that's what I should expect with a 20 year old car huh?
  13. I dd my 94 and thoroughly enjoy it, but, I have an 11 f150 for the snow. I have never been stranded by my 94 and am gearing up for a 800 mile road trip. Its solid!
  14. i DD'ed my old 94 for two years. didn't take it when it snowed more than a dusting, but otherwise it was fine.
  15. No, the 5.0 Mustang is a very dependable car. Just like any car, you will have the inevitable part go bad. But in my experience the 5.0 Mustang has been the car needing the least amount of work. But it has also been the car I have done the most work on just because I can't leave anything alone.
  16. Whoever said No to winter driving doesn't know how to drive. I've driven my Stang in the winter for 20 some years in NE PA. I've seen it all. I ran Blizzak tires on a second set of rims and you can get around fine. No more maintanence or repair as any other car. Go for it.
  17. Reading back I am the only one that said it sucked, so if you are referring to me - I know how to drive in the winter. I live in Indiana. We get a foot of snow one day and it's 80 degrees and sunny the next. I drove 70 miles each way through one of the worst winters I have ever seen. SUV's were spinning off the road in front of me while I plowed on. Drove that for 5 years. I haven't had an accident for over 20 years. And I drive like a madman I am told. Which in my opinion makes me a very good driver.

    The reason I am buying a truck to drive this winter is my car is too nice underneath. I don't think it's been driven through too many winters and I don't want to put my car through all the salt and crap and ruin that.
  18. Just not a good choice for a DD.
  19. really? Because someone says don't do it, you're now an expert on their driving ability? Is it possible? Yes. Is it advisable? Not if you have a better option. And winter driving isn't just about poor traction. I've been to PA, and my grandparents lived in SW NY. I've seen what winter driving does to cars in your part of the country-it eats them alive. Even up here,where we don't do salt, the underside of my excursion is nasty dirty and corroded. I wouldn't do that to my Mustang if I could help it.

    I drive in winter conditions six months out of the year. I consider myself a good winter driver, and my driving record backs it up. I wouldn't fault anyone for saying that DDing a Mustang in winter isn't a good idea.
  20. I DDed an 00 GT Vert for 2 years before I DDed a fox. Even better street manners than the earlier SN95 and I still would not do it if I had the choice. I actually think the fox was easier than the Vert was with the 315 tires in the back. I know it is hard to realize but any RWD sports car is just not a good idea if you live anywhere there is a possibility of snow 3-6 months out of the year.