94 Black Door and Fender

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by joehonee, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. I have a full drivers side door and fender off of a 94 Mustang SVT Cobra. They are both clean and black in color. The door is complete with glass, electronics, switches, mirror, etc... The only items removed are the door card and speaker.

    Located in RI. Asking $75 for the door and $50 for the fender. Will consider all offers & trades as I want these items out of my garage.
  2. Is the door still available and would you be willing to ship if I pay the costs?
  3. The door is available but it would probably cost more than $150 to crate it up and have it shipped. Let me know if that is something you would like to do.
  4. I am definitely interested depending on condition. Any pictures and do you accept paypal?
  5. Yes I would be happy to do Paypal. I can send you some pictures of the door tonight. Please let me know what your email address is so I can send them. You can reach me at [email protected].
  6. Email sent.
  7. I need the cobra fender. Wold you take $30.00 dollars, and how much ship to NC 28478. I can pay through paypal too. Let me know.
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