Engine 94 Mustang 3.8 Manual

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  1. Hey guys i have a 1994 ford mustang 3.8 v6 manual car. Just yesterday i went to chicago to visit my family and as soon as i get to the exit white smoke comes out from behind the engine block. The car seemed overheated as i tried to turn it on and crank it multiple times it would not start at all. so i called my parents and had the car towed later that night i tried cranking it again and the car turned on but failed to idle as the engine seemed like it was going to shut off unless i tapped the gas pedal a little bit. the car once again was smoking from the engine and exhaust white smoke coming out the vents inside as well .

    the next morning it turned on and i drove it around the block a few times . and the car seemed to have trouble trying to idle on neutral also i kept hearing this slight ticking sound as i was switching gears can anyone please help me and. share views on what the problem might be some people said i have blown headgaskets other mechanic said might be bad radiator please help
  2. Instead of asking for options on what "might" be wrong with your car, why not start with some diagnostic tests? A coolant pressure test would be a great place to start. Followed closely by a compression test. Once done, you will be in command of your own destiny having been empowered with knowledge.

    Bottom line, this could be a simple heater hose break, a cranked intake manifold, bad water pump, bad head gasket, or cracked head/block. No one out in Internet land is going to be able to tell you which it is (and be right) without more information.
  3. If it's overheating like that check intake gaskets
  4. had kinda the same problem. after 3 different diagnoses -head gasket , injectors, blown cylinder turned out to be Harmonic balancer
  5. Spewing white smokes is more than likely a coolant leak. Have you popped the hood and had a look around? I wouldn't try and run the engine as you can damage it.

    Pull the dipstick and check the oil. How's it look? Black and oily? Or is it brown and kinda frothy?

    Check the coolant level. Is it low or missing?

    Are all the hoses in good shape? any cracks or leaks?

    It could be a blown head gasket (3.8's are notorious) or it could be a blown coolant hose as wll.
  6. ditto above... with a 19 yr old mustang v6... my 1st guess would be intake gaskets... $90 bucks ..do it yourself.. $500 for a shop to do it... takes an afternoon... just take your time... ... question: are you losing coolant.??.. if so could be bad water pump, bad radiator, gotta look in and under and see what your car is dropping.... that will clue you into hose, radiator problem... white smoke makes me suspect intake gaskets.. common problem.. take a flashlight and look along the sides of the lower part of the intake and see if you can see coolant bubbling out or even running down the sides of the engine... this definitely causes white smoke.... good luck..