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  1. I'm totally new here, and hardly even a rookie about cars. My dad has been working on mustangs since he was a teenager, though. So right now we're working together to replace my '94 mustang's engine with an '01 -- it had the fewest miles on it. We've still got the original engine for parts (i.e. the '01 engine has a cracked valve cover so we'll just use the one off the '94). Anything I should know up front? I've only got a couple weeks to finish this project.
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  2. Do you have the '01 computer?
  3. Hello, I'm Justin's dad.

    No, we're making a list of things to pick up from a wrecking yard. We know we need a computer and '01 engine harness. The engine harness is on it's way. The idle air control valve (or at least thik that's what it's called) is missing from the new engine and the old one doesn't fit, same wit the coil pack.

    So one queston is: will the new engine harness mate with the connector under the hood or will we need to swap out the harnss that goes between the ECM and the engine harness as well?
  4. You'll need the harness too I do believe. I think you'll also need a new k member and the fuel system will need to be addressed as well. Had you already bought the 4.6? I'm far from expert but I'm thinking its more than you're thinking its gonna be. Unless it is the 3 valve I don't think it'd be worth the headache.
  5. I had a really hard time finding this post again! Maybe we put it in the wrong forum? Perhaps it should have been in the V6 forum instead of the 94-95 forum? Can a moderator move this thread?

    Ayway, we're swapping a newer 2001 3.8 V6 not a 4.6 V8. No need to change K-member. I'm not sure how many seperate pieces the wiring harness breaks down into, but it looks like the original main harness that goes to the computer might mate with the newer engine harness, so hopefully all we need to do is get the correct ECM and we're off and running. I don't actually have the '01 engine harness in my hands yet though, so we'll see how it works out when it arrives.
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  6. Ah I got ya. Good luck man.
  7. I'm going to start a new thread in the V6 section as I think that is a more appropriate place for this discussion.