Drivetrain 95 Gt (automatic) Wont Shift Gears Properly

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  1. Hey I just bought an automatic 95 GT but it doesn't shift gears correctly I had a friend from a transmission shop check it out and they replaced the tranny but the issue slowly reappeared... Took it back n he said that it the tranny isnt causing the issue... He suggested a computer or wiring issue .. Ne one have any suggestions as to what to check or how to fix the issue?

    The exact issue is.
    The gears lag to change; gears rev too high and won't shift on time or sometimes not until I let off the accelerator......if I.don't let off the gas the gears slam in an jerk the whole car .. also the check engine light comes on and I recently realized that the odometer doesn't work :/ ... It's my first car and I'm hoping to keep
    It for a.long time or until I can learn to drive stick and switch to a 5spd..

    N e help would be appreciated thank u ..
  2. What is the code for the CEL? It doesn't sound like an actual trans problem, especially if you swapped in a different trans and the problem persists. I had a similar problem before but I can't remember how I fixed was years ago.
  3. Have you replaced the plugs and wires? If your car has a distributor do the cap and rotor at the same time. I had an S10 that acted like the trans was shot but the dealer changed a plug and wire and the problem disappeared - load was causing the wire to short to the block because the plug was shot, and the trans was shifting up and down every time this happened.

    And you should do plugs, wires, cap, and rotor when you buy a car that has them because the previous owner isn't going to do it before a sale - they'll let the new owner do it every time. Do the oil while you are at it - nobody changes the oil on a car they are selling.

    Just saying.
  4. Not sure :/ but I'm gonna try to find out this week
  5. Yea I did an oil change, checked the cables, and changed the cap and plugs wen i got the car
  6. It sounds like the "trans" thinks the engine is at WOT: shifting late, hard shifting etc suggests this.

    You might check the throttle position sensor. I can't recall if autos from that time had a TV (throttle valve) but if yours does you should check its adjustment.
  7. Hey everyone thanks for all the advice I went to a shop owned by a friend of a friend and wee took a look and it turned out that the problem was the wiring connected to the transmission speed sensor . The wires were frayed and even had a wire missing.. it shifts much better now ...

    I thank u all for ur input
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