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Aug 3, 2012
okay, so I made a thread asking about what a 5.0 block will handle. Came to conclusion I'm getting a head of myself here. Back story; buying 95 gt mustang. wanting to build a show/street car.
I do not plan on tacking it to the track very often (maybe midnightmadness a few times a year)
Will get driven on the weekends when its nice and i'll attend to car shows.
It will probably take 1-1.5 years to complete (I'm a busy guy)
I will be doing all body work, suspension work, paint, sand blasting etc etc myself.
My dad will put the engine together for me. This is the start of my idea;

this is what I'll do. I guess I am getting ahead of myself.

first, strip the car down to the frame.
sand blasted/powder coated (orange :D) (I have a sandblaster, having a shop powder coat it)
buy a complete suspension kit for it (UPR I'm thinking) shocks, struts, springs, everything suspension wise
Change out the axles/gears in the rear end and have braces built by the local drag racing shop/engine builders.
was thinking 3.73 gears ?? ?
change out the brake system
new drive shaft (Could probably just use the stock one though)

Start with the shell;
sand and fix all body work
put in a roll cage *will have to have drag shop do some of this*
have my paint guy mix up a special orange for me that no one else has :D
will be using PPG paint/clear.
paint the whole car
assemble the car and put it back on the frame.

then i'll start worrying about the motor/transmission.

so if you guys wanna throw out some advice or ideas I am OPEN TO HEARING THEM on any of my ideas!!! Keep in mind I do want to be able to drive this car. I was thinking 4.10 gears may be too much ? If I could see this car reach 10's I'd be happy with it in the end. Thanks
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