Roush 96' Saleen S281 value?

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  1. I'm looking at buying a 96' saleen with 90k miles, non supercharged for $6,000. What are these going for? It seems like a good deal!! Is it?

  2. I have another question regarding the vin/carfax. I entered the VIN and it sais mustang gt. Do they all say that in carfax??

    Thanks a lot!

  3. seems really low in imo. considering the price of cobras and other saleens ive seen that yr. lil fishy too. dunno
  4. He is asking 8500 but he MUST SELL so I got him down to 6000. It does have an airbag light on as well as a little cosmetic issue on the front bumper so it's not perfect.
  5. yes they do, what are the last three of the vin and the bumper#?:shrug:

  6. The last 3 digits of the vin are 353 and car number 11. I called Saleen and they said they think it's this seems like a pretty good deal?
  7. From The Saleen Registry in Brad Bowling "The Saleen Book."


    Last 3 VIN numbers - 353

    Comments - 3.55:1 gears

    Shipped - 11/01/95

    All of this makes 96-0011 one of the first S281s produced.

    Is this a red coupe? I'll be back in a minute or so.
  8. First off, congrats on having an interest in the vehicles produced by Saleen!

    If a Saleen vehicle is something you feel you might want to pursue, I can't recommend Brad Bowlings Saleen Book enough. Linked above. It's a great introductory!

    The GT-based 1996-1998 S281s have a soft market. This era GT wasn't a fire-breathing hot rod. Which might have some impact. Also, it seems the styling of this era Mustang might be a little controversial. I've heard the pros & cons.

    If this 96-0011 was/is the red coupe up in the north west... then it's been on the market for maybe 18+ months.

    The 1994-1998 Ford Mustangs still featured factory VIN tags on all the exterior body panels. A good item to look for to help determine previous paint or body damage/replacement. These stickers will not appear on the Saleen replaced items. Like the front and rear bumper covers.

    The closest thing to a factory supercharged S281 during the 1996-98 era is the SA-15... so no worries about it being "just a S281."

    The price doesn't concern me. Given the mileage, the possible time spent on the market, and the general lack of collector value currently given to this model they can be a great buy and a super entry-level Saleen.

    If you would like to read more about the 1996-98 S281s, see their options and equipment, go here ---> My Home Away From Home.

    As you get more serious... feel free to contact:

    Mark at PAS -


    Greg at SLS -

    They both know things.

    Good luck, best wishes, happy hunting! :nice:
  9. Yes, it is a red coupe in Oregon. How do you know it's been for sale for so long? The only reason I'm curious if it's a good deal, is because I was looking for a cobra and came across the saleen. I realize the cobra is faster/more potential, but if it's a good enough deal, I would get the Saleen due to its handling/looks and value.
    I would have thought this was close to around a $10k car, but it's hard to tell because they're so rare!

  10. Cool! Some might say I have no life and all I do is look for publicly offered Saleens for sale.

    Not a bad alternative.

    If the Saleen has not been damaged, in a flood, in a fire, lived with a slob or growing mold. It sounds like a good deal.

    S281 96-0011 still had its correct 1994 to early-'96 silver chevrons which help to steer that it wasn't driven down a guardrail. I would ask about the S351 wing though. How it got there. This #11 was once billed as the first S281 sold to the public. It is an early one for sure. So, it might have a neat side story if it can be documented. I also believe that this was a cloth interior car? Which is kinda' neat since the Ford pleather is garbage.

    I don't know what NADA is quoting for a 100,000 mile SN-95 S281, but I would say most people would probably ask under $10,000.00 for such a car. I can't imagine the best-of-the-best bringing more than $15,000-$17,000 in the current market.

    If the car is solid... and with the minimal investment... you could always do a PI motor swap, S/C install, or 4-Valve transplant and run with the Cobra you once seeked.

    No problem. Continue to let us know what you're thinking. Best of luck with what you decide!
  11. saleens are gorgeous and u will usually be noticed everywhere u go. horsepower wasnt an option for any n.a. cars that era. personally i would go for it then do a motor swap where there is no limit and u can keep the stock motor for later whether you keep it or not
  12. that seems like a great deal to me... I paid a LOT for mine (96-005) because it was a very early car, had a great history and was already supercharged etc..

    Plus it was the first one I went to look at (of i dunno... ONE that was for sale over here) and I fell in love with the tangerine paintwork and the sound of the motor...

    $6k sounds a nice deal, i wish they weren't so damn expensive to import otherwise I'd have another as a daily driver. By the time it gets here the price will almost double!

  13. I join Dave in his excitement at your interest in Saleens!

    As for the Saleen Book, my understanding is that Brad is not currently selling books.

    If that is the case, rest assured we will be getting our next shipment at SOEC within two weeks. Please visit for details.
  14. Brad's book is excellent ! There are a couple of pictures of my car in there too...
  15. Edge's car was a Knott's Display Car, yes/no? Or at least attended that years event (1996).


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  16. What was the 'Knott's Display' ??
  17. I don't know. I'm thinking of being about to recall show/magazine coverage of the 1996 Knott's Berry Farm event and seeing a Tangerine S281 coupe with the earlier style Silver chevrons on display.
  18. off to google i go ................ :nice:
  19. From the October 1996 issue of 5.0 Mustang Magazine.

    I quickly looked through Greg's collection and couldn't find it... so I grabbed my copy. I wonder what's in the other publications from 1996...

    I can't read the bumper numbers, but they look like a two-digit. Can't say the first looks like a "0" though. I would say no, but not the best circumstances.

    Someday... all this "stuff" will be online. :eek:

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  20. Hey David thats GREAT, that definitely looks to be my car, my 05 bumper sticker looks like that from that angle and the car there has the grey cloth seats like mine, along with the silver early graphics it looks as though it is mine

    I'm about to ask a big favour!!

    Is there any chance you can scan that article in real high res and email it to me?? I'd love to read it, I'll PM you an email address if you can

    If you could that would be most awesome :nice::nice::nice::nice::nice: