97 cobra Mods

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 87WhiteStang1, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, just bought a 97 cobra. It's completely stock except for exhaust and i was wondering what are some of the most efficient bolt on to add some power. any suggestions welcome. thanks.
  2. ^ Swapping out the rear end gear is proven mod.

    Changing gears won't "add" any actual horsepower, but it will help the car accelerate better off the line and get into its powerband quicker.

    These engines respond well to lower gear ratios (a tall 3.27 ratio is stock) such as 4.10s, 4.30s, 4.56s, etc.

  3. i think i will go with 4.10's eventually however right now i'm just looking to put on a few motor bolt on's to add a few horses. i am already planning on getting the BBK cold air intake kit. just want to know if there are any other mods that go well on these cars. thanks
  4. 4.30's or 456's. I have had 4.10's in before and went 4.30's and wished I had 4.56's :D

    Stay away from metal CAI's. If I had another 97 Cobra again I would mod my car the same except go with 4.56's.
  5. if thats going to be your daily driver, id go with 355's if not go with the 410's and lower. also long tubes and off road x, or h pipe and flows, cold air kit, and after all the adds have a sct scanner handy to help you tune in your car to the new added HP. id say a 100 shot nos to, but not shure how much they would handle and not be bad on the motor. then save up for some nitto drag radials you will want them. im also new to the 4V mod motor too. ive watched alot of youtube videos on most of the common mods for the poor mans up grade and thats what ive seen most do.
  6. I'd keep the 3:27's before changing to 3:55's. I have 4:10's with the s/c and wouldn't want any less gear. If you are staying n/a I'd strongly recommend 4:30's. I plan on taking the s/c off next year and going back to stock but swapping the SRA out for a 99 IRS w/31 spline axles and 4:56's:burnout: