Expired 98-04 Mustang Mmr Pro Fuel Tank, 2x Walbro 255 Pumps And Filter

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  1. I am selling the rear half of my MMR Street/Strip Fuel System. This will come with the MMR Pro Fuel Tank ($550), 2x Walbro 255 lph pumps ($160 ea), a russel Y-Block($60), and Fuelab 10 micron filter($120). The tank also has a 03 GT fuel sending unit for the fuel gauge, the hat, basket, and I am leaving the tank cover with it since it has already been cut for the sump. I also have a new fuel filler grommet for the tank. I have less than 2k miles on this setup because I needed more fuel flow. This should easily support 700rwhp w/ a power adder, or 900+ NA. With the addition of new lines (I can tell you a cheap place in the springs to get them, and the fittings), rails, and a fuel pressure regulator, you have a return style fuel system that will still work with your ECU.
    I have not cleaned it, I did nothing after it was pulled from the car. The car sat for about 6 months until I got back from deployment to put the new tank in. The rear sump of the tank was powder coated sonic blue, but that can easily be removed, painted, or re-powder coated. I would sugguest painting it to match the vehicle, it looks better, and easier to touch up, if need be.
    I am sticking several pics up. Some were dirty right after it came off the car, and the other is right after I cleaned it up. I am leaving the tank cover with it, but it has 2 melt spots where the custom exhaust touched it. It was painted quickly, and probably needs to be painted again...you can see where the paint has come off and primer is showing (that is just cosmetic and I am not even listing the tank cover with the price of the other parts....consider it free!). The line from the rear sump to filter is a stainless braided PTE line. We have a heat shield (not the cheap stuff) over the line to keep the exhaust heat away. Most people wont need it, but my exhaust is REALLY hot, so it is there for free.

    I would prefer for the tank and accessories be picked up locally, rather than shipped (Falcon/Colorado Springs, CO). I also have a stock 03 GT tank (stripped) that I will throw in with the sale....for free.
    If you have any questions, please let me know.







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