99-04 GT Magnaflow Tru-X Catted X-Pipe

Discussion in 'Exhaust Parts' started by Sonic04GT, Feb 2, 2010.

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  1. Just put a Magnaflow Offroad X on my 2004 GT so I no longer have any use for this. It came on the car when I purchased it at 33,000 miles and came off at 40,000 miles. Paired with a Magnaflow catback, this thing sounded AWESOME. I think it has a better tone than the O/R X to be honest and street legal with the high-flow cats. Both cats are stamped part # 93335. Great for a vehicle that needs to pass emissions but still wants added performance and better sound. I WILL CONSIDER TRADES AS WELL.

    Goes for $500 new.
    Magnaflow Tru-X X-Pipe (Catted, 99-04 GT and Cobra) at AmericanMuscle.com - Free Shipping!

    The downstream O2 sensors are seized to the pipe but are still functional. Really no need to remove them unless they go bad. In that case, I'm sure they can be heated and removed. (Can't heat them now because it will destroy the sensor filament)

    Whatever hardware you see in the picture is what you get. Should be under $10 at the auto shop for another set of hardware.

    Cats have very minor abrasion on the bottom.

    I had no issues at all with this when it came off the car. Should bolt right up.



    Would prefer a local sale in the Killeen/Fort Hood area. I am negotiable but shipping probably won't be very cheap. I believe it was like $50 if shipped to a Greyhound station.
  2. Do u still have the xpipe

    Very interested will you check shipping to norwalk,ca 90650.Thanks
  3. I brought the pipe to Greyhound about a month ago and they said it would be about $50 to ship to San Fernando, CA from Greyhound station to Greyhound station. I assume it would be about the same? I don't have a truck so it's difficult to get my buddy to come lug this thing around for me. Do you have a station nearby?

    Not to sound like an ass, but a local offer will more than likely override shipping it out, but I haven't received any yet except someone wanting only the cats.
  4. Trade for a Mac Offroad prochamber?
  5. Sorry man I'm going with LTs so I have a shorty O/R H coming with them. Thanks though. Otherwise would have considered.
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