99-04 mustang parts for sale

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by svt1999, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. OK i have a few parts that are sitting around and would like to sell them, I can use the cash and need the space. I am posting all items without prices, so make an offer!
    In addition to these item i also have both left and right fenders in black. with cobra badges on them. Left has a small dent right side is perfect.

    Gray steering wheel, near perfect shape, does not have airbag, CC switches, or center cover, i bought it thinking it was tan (my mistake) I never installed it. It is used but really nice shape...
    View attachment 231465

    Center Radio Bezel, In really good condition. Comes with A/C vents. SOLD
    View attachment 231467

    Shifter Boot and Bezel. Comes with traction control switch and 12v outlet all in perfect working order. --2 strut tower caps.-- Carbon fiber E-brake and shifter handle. (green box has different threads to mount shifter handle.
    View attachment 231469 SOLD

    All pieces in the photo below except the cup holder are still available. All in great shape!
    View attachment 231471 SOLD
  2. Price on the passenger fender to 24401?
  3. Price on Shift Knob and E Brake Handle
  4. price of the passenger door switch panel to 33624
  5. e-mail sent.
  6. if you still have the e brake handle PM me a price and shipping to 06424.
  7. shifter boot and bezel

    Do you still have the shifter boot and bezel? I want to buy so let me know. Thanks
  8. Little late to the party, but is the driver side door switch panel still available?
  9. Any update..shift knob and e brake available??
  10. By chance Right Fender?
  11. do you still have the passenger side switch panel?:shrug:
  12. if still available, price and shipping to 43112 for psgr side door handle bezel, steering wheel, radio bezel, and cup holders.
  13. 20.00 plus shipping for drivers switch bezel
  14. pass door switch panel to 33624 + $20 = ?
  15. price shipped to 29323 for strut tower covers?
  16. Sorry for the delay in responding... everything is SOLD except the steering wheel, which is currently on EBAY.
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Not open for further replies.