99-04 Vortech S-Trim Kit W/ Injectors, MAF, Extras

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  1. Ive got a 99-04 Vortech kit in great condition everything you need to get this running on your car minus the oil feed splitter which is a simple 1/4 NPT splitter that can be bought at napa for a few bucks. It includes the stock 3.6 inch pulley and produces 8 psi on a stock motor.

    The head unit is a V1 that was rebuilt with V2 internals. The unit was fully rebuilt, seals, bearings, the works by Vortech about 10k miles ago.

    The Kit includes:
    Head Unit with 3.6 pulley
    Bracket w/ idler pulley
    Correct Size Belt for Vortech
    Oil feed/return Line, Oil return L piece
    36 lb Blue Top Injectors
    90MM MAF Sensor
    All piping for Unit
    Hoses and Clamps
    Nuts and Bolts to bolt the blower on
    Vortech Chip
    OEM Bypass setup
    SCT 4 Bank Chip tuned for 04 GT and stock 3.33 pulley
    vacuum line and t fitting for boost gauge hookup
    Full Instructions

    You can look at my pictures and see the kit is in very good condition and was taken care of.

    I would recommend a new air filter also.

    You will need to get an intank fuel pump upgrade most likely and also may need to get the car dynotuned and the SCT Chip reflashed. I will include the original Vortech Chip and the SCT 4 bank Reflashable chip. The tune was for a 04 gt with its only mods being high flow cats and some free flowing mufflers. You may be able to just pop the chip in and throw it on a dyno and get away with not retuning it if your car is similar.




    $2500 OBO
  2. 1800 shipped?
  3. 2200 shipped?
  4. pm recieved, bump
  5. 1500 shipped 04609?
  6. money now, PM me if its not sold
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.