35th Anniv '99 Mustang gift box differences

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 6T9_CHARGER_RT, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Never realized the size difference in the gift pack boxes between the LE optioned '99 GT's and regular '99's

    Picked up a full gift box kit complete with a Performance Red coupe (of course ;) ) 1:18 recently.
    The grey box inside the larger box holds the 1:18th

    Here are some pics comparing the 2 kits.


  2. Wait..so did all 99's come with the gift kit..?
  3. Yes.....only the LE's got the larger kit with the 1:18 car in their specific model (color, hardtop, convertible)
  4. I have LE with small box, the diecast don't fit in it
  5. Yep, two versions. One is "Limited" specific.
  6. :( Well bummer.. I thought only the LE's got the kit. I unfortunately don't have the diecast car...time to start hunting!! What is a reasonable price for the models?
  7. Tough question...it really amounts to if the person selling knows what they have. They sell for quite a bit on ebay. I've seen $50-100. They are pretty rare now.

  8. :canada: In Canada, we also got a leather jacket as well as the gift box. :canada:
  9. I have one of those jackets and wear it a lot. Made by Roots.