a cop followed me last night, but i outsmarted that bacon burner..........

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  1. I recently accuired a 12v siren from a bud so naturally i installed it in my truck to a momentary switch on my dash :D ;) rednecks rule :canflag:

    anyways last night about 11pm i went and grabbed my buds and we proceded to drive around the neighbourhood trying out my new siren, it's a 6 tone so the first one sounds like a cop then the second is a fire truck, then a ambulance and so on and so on....... :nice:

    well........ Im pulling out of a side street and i got it on and i see a cop go right buy in front of me :rolleyes: :( we all panic, my buds are ready to jump out and run home but i stayed cool, i scene him drive 100 yards ahead and pull off to the right, so i make my turn to the oppiste direction hes facing and start driving like i didnt even see him, well after i drive 300 yards or so i see him turn around :( so im still cool, i turn right onto a main city road and im watching my rear view mirror and ya hes still following me, hes a ways away and he has no lights on or anything, im thinking he is just suspicious of me so i come around a "s" corner and quickly make a right and take back roads the hell outa there, We got away :nice: :nice: he had no lights or anything on so i didnt need to pull over legally, we spent the rest of the night driving around looking for trouble but that was bout all we found........

    I guess im pretty luckey and i wont be blasting my siren around town no more :rolleyes:

  2. GBM: :rlaugh: If you don't like the "cops", next time that you need help, call a war protester.
  3. Come now. I don't think you tried very hard looking for trouble. I think you are well versed in that department. :rlaugh:

  4. dave did you like cops when you were 21???? so far all theve done to me is harrasse my life style......

  5. But without Police, its highly likely that some thug wouldve jacked that car by now, and had already done unGodly things to your loved ones , taken every bit of property you would ever have, and most likely your life ,just for the fun of it. Police are the line that that reality will not cross. . The thread itself was ok my friend,its a good ol American thing to try and duck a cop while having fun with the guys, and like you said, he had none of his equipment activated on you, so no harm. I think its just the bacon thing. When you say you were blaring a siren , but they harass your lifestyle , thats kinda like saying I threw bread in the pond and the damn ducks ate it. Man I feel so old after writing that .....Anyway, there is a broad spectrum of board members here, and im sure a cop or two . The story is great, the insult,, mmmmm,, no. Anyway, isnt it a heck of an adrenaline rush ducking out the Police. I loved it ( until they came after me for REAL once). Didnt love that ..

  6. Right, because the cops are always there when you need them to protect you. :rolleyes:

  7. Not always, but if it were a perfect world, there would be no need for the Police, now would there.......
  8. In a perfect world, we would all drive the car of our dreams and it would never break down. SO....... Anybody live in a perfect world?
  9. So if I read your post correctly, you were driving around looking for trouble. You were knowingly committing a crime and all they do is harass your lifestyle.

    Al Capone said, "All I've done is try to bring a little joy into the lives of people in these troubled times, and I've been harassed all my days."

    It's all in how you look at it.

    Concerning your Bacon Burner comment I have a joke which applies:

    Traffic cop pulls over a car driving 60 in a 35 zone. Lectures the driver and gives him a ticket for driving 45. All the while the passenger is rolling his eyes and making exaggerated sighs.

    When the officer is done with the driver he walks calmly around to the passenger side, reaches in the window and slaps the passenger a few times in the face.

    The Passenger asks, "Hey man, what the heck was that for?"

    Cop says, "I was just granting your wish! I knew that a block or so down the street you would be saying, I WISH HE'D TRY THAT SH*^ WITH ME."

    The point is if you want to talk smack or call someone a bacon burner, do it to their face. It smacks of being less than a man to do it from the safety of your computer screen.

    I train dozens of police officers at my gym. They are all good guys who are trying to do their job. My best friend is PD and just over one year ago, he was shot at by a Drug Dealer who had a prior attempt murder. Luckily for my friend, he was a superior marksman. But the point that his life was laid out there to keep others safe is beyond doubt.

    By the way when I was 21 I drove a 69 Mach 1. I got tickets pretty regularly. I deserved many many more than I got. Each time I got a ticket, I would thank the officer for his or her service. It wasn't their fault that I was driving like a nut job. It's still not.
  10. Hey, Im a Medic, work with cops everyday. There just doing there job, Ive raced away and ducked a couple in the stang. But its just a job, and your just playin a game with them. They dont live to make your life sucky and that F you over. Lets take all of them off the street and see how happy you are then. STOP BIT**EN

  11. whoa man why did you dig this one up???

    some cops are good and some are bad, we were all young and have stories..... iv since had a couple encounters with police persons... one was a bar where i started chatting with a cop and he told my buddie "you two better get the f**k outa here before you both go to the tank tonight" :shrug: he was an ass :notnice:

    the night before last i was up on a bender up in the bush with a bunch of buds, the cop came up for a drive and was pretty cool he just asked if we were old enough to be consuming alcohole and asked us to pick up our beer cans........ My buddie was drunk and gets a little confrontational and he was doing that with the cop and i was drunk and started my comic routine, i think i called him jesus :rolleyes: i intraduced him to the rest of the guys as jesus :bang: he just laughed and told us all to have a good night :nice: that was a good cop

  12. So you were chatting with a cop and he told you to go home before you ended up in the tank. Ok, what were you chatting about? How drunk were you? Were you belligerent? Do you accurately remember? He may have been a really good guy. He didn't get you taken in for drunk in public. Which in many jurisdictions does not require a breath test of anything other than an officers observation. What an A hole. You aren't shy about posting that you get drunk moderately often. You were in a bar..... What are the odd you might have been in violation of a local law?

    Seems a bad cop is one you don't like. In this case it might have been a guy who didn't want to take you in because you were just a young stupid jerk (in his judgment) and not really a criminal. Maybe he was cutting you a break but just wasn't as polite as you would have liked. Maybe he was an A hole. Who can say.

  13. I was most likely being a smart ass :rolleyes: It was $1 a beer night, i dont keep track on those nights so ya i was probly feeling pretty good, I always chat with the police when they come in the bar, iv never had one treat me like this guy....

    dude dont take this so seriously, me and my buds laugh about this stuff all the time.... we were all young, ya i do my fair share of partying but im sure my day will come when this will all end.....

  14. I think somebody needs to start growing up soon geez come on (im not even gone call you a man) your just looking for attention and come back here to post it all so someone will say yeah nice job, but each time you post one of these stories I shake my head and heck im only 22, but think this is just plain dumb. If I lived anywhere near you I would be phoning the cops on you every single day till you get caught for something and maybe might think about things. You and your buds laugh about this every day and I hope that you NEVER EVER driv after these 1$ beer nights or are those the stories you dont want to tell on here?

  15. ya your probly correct,

    hey 2bav i think we need to :lock:

  16. Good thing you are in Canada. Im in the southern United States .
    Come run from the police here , then get an attitude with them.
    In North Carolina I can guarantee you will either be hit (repeatedly) , sprayed with mace, shot with a tazer , and stuffed in a crappy jail.
    And dont bother whining about how "youd sue blah blah blah". I think the PD here has about 8 gozillion lawsuits pending. They dont care, I know, I have a very good friend that works there. Like I said before, If you like having a Mustang to run from them in, be glad they are there to keep some bigger, better armed person from taking it from you. :bang:
  17. Alright enough from both sides, already. I sleep well at night whether the people I have dealt with that day like me or not. If I make someone happy in the course of doing my job professionally that's just great, if I make someone mad by keeping someone else safe that's ok too, I don't get my feelings hurt easily, I also hold little value to the opinions of people who get theirs hurt by me doing my job.

    Stay safe,
  18. lol groovy, your sig reminds me of something.

    Some jackass broke into my parents house, of which my grandmother was watching the house for them. He didnt know she was in the house, but had my dads gun, and she called to ask for help, freaking out that he would find her. So me and my sister call the police, and drive up to the house ourselves to help ol grandma out. On the way to my parents home (about 15 miles from work) we flagged down a cop, which decided to follow us up for assistance, to only a couple miles later turn his lights on and ask us to pull over. Upon pulling over he informed us he couldnt go with us any further cause he had to give traffic tickets. WTF!! So he left us to go to the house with no protection, luckily the dude had already left cause I would of shot him myself. This wasnt some n00b cop either, he had over 20yrs on the job. We called and complained and Ill tell ya what, every cop that pulls me over gets this same story and an ear full from me. Our business also has quit donating all money to any law enforcement agencies here. They didnt even disipline the officier with the bad judgement. No offence to any cops here, but they do nothing for us where I live.

    Last run in with a cop was one that gave my wife a ticket for having the fog lights on. Brand new law January 1, ticket was around Feb. How the hell are you supposed to know of some new law out that forbids you to use your foglights unless its an atmospheric conditon LAUGH. Judge said, its the law, too bad. So, yup, I have serious problems with law enforcement.