a few problems im not sure about

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  1. #1, there is a vibrating from the car that peaks at 50 mph and goes away about 73mph. I know its coming from the back, and I think the back left. When I had it up on a jack and ran it, I noticed the wheel making significant movement left to right looking at the back of the car. Could this be the cause of the noise? Its not a solid vibration, but a vrmmmm...vrmmm....vrmmmmmm, pulsating about every 2 seconds. It drive me nuts cause it makes the trim pieces around the c4 shifter squeek. My dad has he thinks its a wheel bearing going out.

    #2, the car leans. Looking it at from the back it leans alot to the right. its alot cause everyone notices it and asks whats wrong with it. And if I had to say, it leans to the back, trying to pinpoint an area here for ya. Is it a going out shock, weak spring, etc???

  2. The rim may be bent.
    You can check the bearings by taking a lenght of 2x4 and try lifint up on the tire while it's on stands.
    if the wheel moves up and down it could be the bearing going out.

    As for the sag, prob time for springs, there almost 40 yrs old.

  3. If the bearings are gone, then you'll have a massive oil leak from your brake drums. Smells really nice too. You may have a bent wheel or a tire coming apart.
  4. for the sagging, check your leaf spring mounts, under the flooboard where they connect to the body, they are known to give over time and your car wont sit right.

    Vibration could be a wheel bearing, or bent wheel.
  5. well, the springs are probably 15 years old, course they could be the originals huh???
  6. should i try putting the spare on and seeing if that fixes it? its not likely that both wheels are bent eh?