a lil Terminator trivia

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  1. Name the only part (no stickers, emblems, other regalia) on an 03/04 Cobra that has the word "Terminator" embossed on it. Winner gets a cookie. :)
  2. Might want to narrow that question down a little Tim... The early first run '03 Cobra's had numerous parts with stickers denoting "terminator"....

  3. Fixed. Just tryin' to have little fun in here. ;)
  4. Nope.
  5. :shrug: Rear bumper support.
  6. i would have to say somthing on the engine... but idk
  7. the go pedal :D

    i know what it really is, its on page 123!! :D now wheres my cookie?
  8. i did not know this, i never knew it was actually on the car somewhere, sweet. I knew it was the code name for the car before it was out but not this.
  9. To bad i was only on page 50 or i would have know.This is a great book and to bad it took so long to publish.
  10. Shhhhhhhhhhhh. :nono:
    Indeed it is. I have really enjoyed the book thus far.
    Stay tuned! :)
  11. No one else has a guess? :)
  12. :notnice: Well i,ve finished the book and once again Fords top management has pissed me off. The way they dissed Tom Scarpello and John Coletti after the succseful launch of the Term.was disgracesful. The book was still a good read,glad i got it.
  13. It is on the window sticker of the vehicle, when 1st purchased.
  14. on the grills of the fake side scoops (embossed), and the back bumper (sticker).
  15. where's my cookie Tim!!!!!!!!!
  16. [​IMG]
  17. well thank you!