? about exhaust for 93 mustang

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  1. Hey i need help i need to find exhaust for my 93 mustang lx 4 cyl if anyone knows where i can get exhaust for it please email me or relpy back
  2. Dan,

    What do you mean by exhaust? What part of it do you need? The entire system? Or from the cat back? Just about any exhaust shop can get you the OE replacement parts from the cat-back (pipe, muffler, & tailpipe).
  3. hey

    i want one like that is loud and sound good i want the whole thing.. i just want my car to sound bad .. and i dont kno where to get it at.
  4. Check out the tech articles at the top of this forum. Try searching the forum for exhaust. You will find tons of information.

    To answer your questions you can most of the parts from either a local shop or a place like summitracing.com or jegs.com etc.
  5. thanks man n e one else have i deas dont be afraid to post
  6. just about any performence muffler will be somewhat quite with a cat in place. Chambered mufflers will be louder on the inside, while streight through mufflers will send more of the sound out the tailpipe. A performence muffler, and no cats will definatly be plenty loud.
  7. Heres an idea, I'm runnin stock pipes and stock cat into a Flowmaster Dual Chamber 40 with a Turndown right after. Sounds great IMO, nice and bassy till about 3500RPMS, then it kinda petters off....[​IMG]
  8. Well at first I was a little scared but after reading that I figured it would all work out in the end if I did. :D :D :D :D I have a Pacesetter longtube header a Catco Hi Flo cat and Flowmaster 40 Series dual chambered muffler going to a single turndown pipe. My exhaust sounds like a stock 5.0 when idling, like a slightly modified V6 at low RPM's and a little ricey at WOT. I am very pleased but also wish it could be louder,( but then again I've never heard it outside the car.)
  9. its sweet... all that **** he got done prob cost him a fortune tho when he could of went witht he 5.0 and been doin the same thing for prob cheaper buyin a 5.0 whole car and all but i guess it is awesome seein a fast 2.3 bein able to do what a 5.0 can do
  10. That particular 2.3 was alot cheaper than you'd think. I don't know the exact number though. I DO know that another guy (Joe Morgan I believe) put a 2.3 turbo in a pinto, and runs 10's with it. He only spent $4000 for EVERYTHING, including the car.
  11. really thats sweet lol my friend just spend 10 and got a 10 sec car gsx lol so i guess u can tell the diff lol
  12. Yeah, the diff is that the 2.3 is better.

  13. yea but its not all wheel drive
  14. true, but that is why its better, not as prone to break. I have yet to hear of a production awd car here in the states that is hardcore unbreakable....somehting about a 6k clutch dump doesnt sit well with awd after awhile :rolleyes:
  15. my freind is buyin this car and all these magazines are like callin himand **** already they say hell have the fastes 2 g eclipse int eh country