Acceleration Issues with my 2.3 lx

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  1. I bought a little fox body ... 90' 2.3 lx it had been the victim of a hit and run accident. Runs great except for the acceleration issue i'm having i'm completely stumped. It was hit on the drivers side... already did the body repair but my acceleration will propel forward without your foot on the gas. Thought ok, it's the accleration cable so i took it off track and laid it aside and then tried... it's STILL doing it
    That should tell me it's not my acceleration assembly... But i have no clue what it could be or what i need to replace... HELP!!! please

  2. I am assuming it's an automatic. Are you saying it idles high, causing the vehicle to move without pressing the accelerator? If it idles high, checkout the surging idle checklist (sticky) in the 5.0 forum, theres a wealth of info on what to do to solve it. Most of the engine controls preform the same function on the 5.0 as on the 2.3, so most of the info in there should apply to your 2.3.
  3. is this something that i can do on my own or is this something i'm going to have to recruit a professional for? I do have a fair of knowledge with car repair but i can usually do all my repairs... So i can rule out the acceleration cable out as the issue?
    thank you for your feedback!

  4. so i took the fender off and there was a assembly it was secured with 2 bolts it's round and next to the door hinges it was damaged when the hit and run happened it had wires connected to it... i have no clue what the part is or what it's called. But after i cleaned out all the broken plastic and unjammed the area i started it up and poof it works like a charm but i really need to know what that part is so i can replace it... it has rubber cover a spring???Any ideas?
  5. Sounds like a crusie control module.???