Accessory drive noise, help

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  1. I'm having an issue on my 04 GT. I just recently replaced the idler pullies and the belt in order to try and fix a squeaking noise that was happening in my belt drive. After I did that and started the car up a bigger noise started, it sounds like the car has a supercharger when it doesn't. I pulled the belt off and started it up, no noise. So something on the belt drive is making a loud noise. Happens at all RPMs and gets louder.

    I put the old idler pullies back on to see if it was the new pullies and the same noise. Ok, so I spin all of the accessories by hand and the only thing out of place is the water pump. When I spin the water pump manually it sounds like a groaning noise, kinda like rubber on rubber. Spinning it fast by hand you don't really hear it, just slow. I wish I could spin it to engine speed to see if it was making the noise.

    I tried to get a water pump at Autozone but as usual they are useless. They had to order a part from another store. Today I show up to get the part and it's not even close to being the right part. While I was there I had them test my alternator, so I don't think that's the source.

    None of the local part stores have a water pump for this car and ford of course is closed today and tomorrow.

    Anyone have any ideas? Could a bad water pump cause this loud supercharger type whine?
  2. I cant answer your question but my 1999 GT had the same problem, except it would make the supercharger noise but it was coming from the AC idler pulley. Eventually with the AC on (in FL) the pulley caught the belt and shredded it. While cutting the belt off of everything in the engine bay I started turning the pulleys with a shirt I had on and the water pump made a sound but it was the AC idler. It would shoot sparks the day before and thats why I was going to Autozone to get the
  3. I checked around at all of the parts stores again and I ended up having Advance order a pump to arrive tomorrow. It sounds fairly promising.

    So i'll replace the pump tomorrow hopefully, or Tuesday if this one doesn't work out. I'm not 100% sure the water pump is the noise, but I think it's going out anyway. If this doesn't fix it I don't know what to check next. Everything else seems OK just by spinning it?

    How did you narrow it down to your A/C pulley? How does a real shop tell where a sound is coming from?
  4. Water pump replaced, belt tensioner replaced, all idler pullies replaced or ruled out. Noise still exists.

    Sounds like a loud whirring noise. Totally sounds like a bearing.

  5. it IS the tensioner, these things happen from gradual wear due to it being alluminum and not holding up after awhile. I have the same problem, just am afraid to pay Ford $140 for the new assembly and it not be the problem. But thats what it is, you can replace everything else first and it wont help (good maintanance tho).
    Proper steel belt tensioner: Ford dealer part # is XR3Z-6B209-DB
  6. See above, I already replaced the tensioner. Didn't help. Only 30$ at pepboys and it looks just as nice as the ford unit.
  7. onetime my tensioner bearings started raising HELL after I washed my engine. I dont know if that was associated but i was washing it detailed up front..

    Well I took a scewdriver and jammed it on each pulley(watch your hand) This absorbed allot of the noise/vibrations and the noise went down dramatically and got loud as i took it off.

    This more or less was like a stephoscope and thats how I diagnosed my problem the first shot.i just put a little drain pan under the car and squirted the bearing down real good with oil from the outside and the noise went away and never came back going ok 10K miles now.

    you might not be as lucky but you can definately figure out where its coming from...
  8. Did you ever figure out the noise?

    I have a similar noise. I free-spun my pullies and the WP acted like you described it. I replaced it, but the noise was still there.

    I think it's the alternator though. I have a few suspicious

    Here's my noise...was it similar to yours?

    YouTube - What's this noise?
  9. Don't pay for one at a dealer! I bought mine for $32 at AutoZone... i think its a little cheaper at

  10. I'm having the same problem on my '98. I had the squeaking noise coming form the front. I kind of figured it was the water pump, but to make sure I used WD-40 to check it. Sure enough... The squeaking stopped. Replaced it and started a few days after... Why?!!!!
  11. You guys try using a stethoscope on the pulleys while it is running to find the source of the sound?

    The backyard way to do it without buying the stethoscope, is to use a long screwdriver. Place metal end of screwdriver to the bolt or non moving parts around each pulley and put your ear to the handle of said screw driver. If you hear something screaming right at your eardrum its a bad bearing in whichever pulley. Sometimes brand new replacement parts can be junk too. Never know til you diag.