Accufab Plenum/TB 75 or 70mm?

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  1. Im thinking in grabbing one of these puppies but Im deciding between the 70 or 75mm one.

    Im N/A and on Nitrous when opened. Im gonna get my SCT flasher and Steeda CAI at the same time (holly **** my bank account is going down for good).

    1- Ive heard people having problems at idle with a TB other than the stock. Is this the norm or just BS?

    2- Will it make it better a 75 or 70?

    3- Can I do the install myself?

    4- Do I have to be worried about any problems down the road?

  2. 1- i havent had a problem since i installed it which was over a month ago...just make sure while you install it that you unplug your battery and when your finished, let your car run for about 10 minutes to let your computer learn the new component

    2-well, i want to recommend getting a plenum at the same time...if you go with a c&l plenum, then i recommend a 75mm tb...if you go with the accufab plenum, then i recommend a 70mm tb..

    3- you can definitely install it yourself..i have a write up, but it is for a tb/plenum install(the tb and plenum were already assembled together)

    4- no problems yet
  3. Hey thx for ur time. Im getting both the Plenum and TB, and Im getting the accufab.

    Why would you go with the 70mm vs the 75?

    I would love to take a look at your write up.

    Could you link me to it?
  4. 70mm

    You can install it yourself in 20 mins, the screws to get the TPS are a PITA to get off though.

    It's straight forward enough you don't really need any instructions as long you plug in everything you disconnected and battery. :)
  5. here ya go

    i cant remember where i read it, but i saw that a 75mm doesnt help anymore than a 70mm...i really dont have any more info than that though..
  6. When using the Accufab plenum, it has been dyno proven that the 70MM TB is more beneficial than the 75MM TB
  7. ^^Thats true but mostly ONLY when you are blown.

    oh yeah like my trickflow?
    100 bucks :D and its yours
  8. Got me there :bang:
  9. Over on they did some big testing of which plenum was better might want to check that out.
  10. Hey Go With the Accufab products they are much more attractive and most of all better flowing (more CFM's) than C and L. I have the Accufab plentum with the 70mm TB and they are nice products. I have just read in MM and FF the July of 2004 edition, the article on Upper intake plentum and TB swaps, and that the Accufab plentum and 70mm TB have the most gains on a N/A 4.6. My only advice when installing is make sure all the hoses are tight after your done!
  11. 70mm Accufab TB and Accufab plenum here too - love it - really pulls well at 3K plus.
  12. Anybody know the cheapest place to get the Accufab 70mm TB and plenum?
  13. if you're getting the accufab....get the 70mm...they make a little more power on a bolt-on GT....the install was pretty tb and plenum came together so all i had to do was remove the stockers and replace with the accufab unit...20-30 min install...and it looks pretty good too...
  14. hey guys i have been wondering about this for a while now, so i decided to ask KenB at modular depot and he told me there are no losses with the going with a 75mm TB. i am definatley going with the 75mm, i also heard from many that have the 75mm that they have experienced no loss of power just good gains with the 75mm TB. :nice:
  15. Accufab Plenum and 70mm TB :nice:
  16. Accufab products:nice:
  17. Check out they have good prices and free shipping this where I got mine from. Sometimes they will give you a discouont if you mention stangnet in the coupon code. I love the look and performance of my Accufab TB and Plenum take a look at my pics. :nice:
  18. I've been around this block too... Just bought the 75mm plenum combo (it was the same price as the 70mm combo.) This article sold me...

    My understanding is that if you're running the stock program in your chip, then the 70 will perform slightly better, if you get dyno-d then the 75 is slightly better....
  19. Go with the 70MM. Its been proven the best combination with an Accufab Plenum.




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