add sub and amp....but what kind?

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  1. I want to beef up my Mach 460.
    I do not want to bump a g-ride pimp mobile. :notnice:
    I like rock and want some more punch!

    Audio Express said to just throw in some 600w Rockford amp
    and 1 10in sub. ~$350-400

    What do you guys think???
  2. i have 2 12" kicker solo baric L7's powered by a 1000 watt rockford fosgate amp and hits HARD...........i would go with a 600 watt rockford and a 10 inch kicker solo baric L5 or if you want a little more bass from the 10 inch you can get the L7
  3. For $400, i would go with a AV12 , or a ED "O" series , or "K" ported, . There are many quality amps out there around $200. Jbl 600.1, DEI (on sale cheap at, US accoustics, many more.
  4. I just got the same setup i think youre talkin about from ultimate electronics for 188$ after thnkxgiving as a package. Its a Rockford 201s amp with sealed box and 10in rockford Punch Z sub. Not broken in yet but its adds nice tight base to your music good for rock. If you wanna go witht aht setup i would look around check out or i think they have some specials.
  5. I got 2 12' MTX subs in a custom box with a Kenwood PS 200T amp for sale for $160 if you are interested. Email me at [email protected] if you want the pics and the specs.
  6. You'd probably do fine with 1 10". However, I would really recommend that you don't buy from Audio Express.
    By the way, whereabouts in Chandler do you live?
  7. well, heres my opinion. you dont need a 12, or even a 10. thats going to be a lot of bass, go with an 8. i have one 8" jl audio w7 in my explorer, and if i turn the bass on it down, the rock hits so clean and SO hard, if i turn the woofer up, it hits as hard as most of my friends' tens (cause its a w7)... jl audio makes some HIGH quality 8" subs, and if you dont want the ability to have LOUD bass, dont go with a w7, get an 8w0, maybe 2, they will take less of your trunk, take a smaller amp to push them, be cleaner bass, and just all around be better.... thats just my .02. i have had 3 8" w0's, one 10W3v2, and one 8w7........ out of those, the order from best to worst is the 8w7, the 3 8w0's, then the 10w3v2.... supposedly they are coming out with 8w3v2's, if so thats probably what your looking for. just trust me, 8 inches is a sub for rock, not for rap. its made to be cleaner, not to drop low. but since rock doesnt have a whole lot of low hitting bass, an 8 is perfect... and crisper and cleaner than any other size... and if you get one 8w7, it only takes 300 watts to run it, which aint much... 8w0 will run off 100.... so you can get a cheap 200 watt amp, and 2 8w0's (or 3 and a 300 watt amp)... and trust me, you wont be uphappy. oh, and jl by far outranks the others in cleanliness of the bass.... which is what you go for in rock bass....
    p.s. lemme know what you end up getting...
  8. Chandler Blvd and 101
  9. have 2 6.5" subs in tubes (not bazooca) powered by an alpine 350X1 mono amp... sounds very good and still leaves me with a LOT more trunk space as opposed to boxes and larger 12/10" subs. You already have the Mach 1000 setup so why not just upgrade the amps there? obviously ford amps are not top of the line... so just replace those with better ones... like eclipse or alpine or even rf. I'd bet you would notice the difference... then if you're still not satisfied upgrade the existing subs... why spend more money getting a whole new setup when you already have one ready to be moded?

    EDIT: oops... misread... you have the 460... don't know much about that setup but I do know that no ford factory hu has preouts... so you'll want to find either a line output converter or an amp that has speaker level inputs. All three of mine have speaker levels... alpine and eclipse.