Air Bag Computer Fried Itself?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by JasinC19, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. I had an air bag code 13. I pulled the air bag fuse to diagnose and put it back in the wrong slot.

    This caused code 12 to appear. By the time I figured out what had happened, the car had been started a few times.

    When I replaced the fuse I got good ol code 51, which is internal fuse blown.

    Is this normal behavior for the unit? If the fuse is missing, it fries its internal fuse?

    I wanted to know if it was indeed the missing fuse that caused this because I don't think code 13 would have done it.

    Also, can these modules be repaired (fuse replaced)?
  2. I'm honestly not to familiar with those modules, so I'm not going to be able to give you good information on whether or not it's bad. I'm sure an electronics guy could replace the internal fuse, but it might not be cost effective. If it does end up needing repair or replacement you might want to call the guys at Mustang Parts Specialties and see what they would charge for a used module. The demand for them is real low, and they would probably pull one and ship it to you cheap.

  3. Do I need an air bag computer from a '93? A local mustang shop is telling me I can use 91-93. How accurate is that?
  4. It doesn't sound right. 93' Mustang has 1 airbag and an SN has two. I'm not saying it won't work, it just doesn't sound like it would.

  5. I am dumb and realized I posted in the 94-95 forum. I have a '93. Sorry.
  6. I've done that before. There are other SN owners with multiple Mustangs that have a Foxbody in their avatar so I didn't think anything of it.