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  1. Is there a way to cancel an alert if you visit the thread or other part of the forum it is alerting you about?

    For instance, over the course of a few days, I have logged in and had messages and posts to subscribed threads. I checked them all out over those few days and yet today, I had accumulated a few Alerts telling me of those things which I already visited
  2. Go to the threads in question and unsubscribe or unwatch the ones that you no longer wish to get alerts for.
  3. Not sure you understand what I'm saying. I WANT to be alerted that they have replies. But after I visit the threads in the alerts, I want the alerts to go away since there really isn't anything to alert me about anymore.

    I know I can simply go click on the alerts link and they'll go away. IDK, just something to gripe about. I'm in a griping mood. I will say that I am liking the new site though. It's growing on me!
  4. Ok... tell me if this is what is happening....

    You get an alert for a thread that you're watching. The alert consists of small talk bubble above the word ALERT. Are you saying that after you visit that alert link, that the talk bubble doesn't go away? Or are you saying that the alert still appears in the drop-down list?
  5. What I'm saying is, I have a bookmark that takes me to "Unread Watched Threads". So when I visit the site via that bookmark I see the Alerts talk bubble and whatever threads may have replies to them listed. So I click on the thread without touching the Alerts bubble and proceed to read the replies. Then upon returning to the site later and having no new replies, the Alerts bubble is still there to tell me there are replies to threads that I have already read on the previous visit.

    What should happen is that the site knows that you have visited the threads/PM's that the Alerts were telling you about and thus, the Alert bubble goes away on it's own. It's really no big deal to click on the bubble real quick to make it go away, but sometimes I forget and the first thing I see on the next visit is the Alerts bubble and think "Wow, action!...ahhh damn, it's just the bubble from last time..."
  6. That's not how the alert system works. The alert system tracks whether or not you've seen the alerts, not whether or not you've seen the threads.

    You might get an alert for a thread you don't intend to visit. If the alert were to track your presence in that thread then it would basically be FORCING you to go see that thread (even if you didn't want to).

    To get rid of the alert though, just hover over or click on the alert. Once you have SEEN the alert (it's not necessary to see the thread if you so choose). Then it will go away.

    Once again, all you need do is hover over the Alert. The drop-down menu will pop out and you're done.
  7. Basically, it's setup to give you the option of following the alert to to the thread or not.
  8. I know what you're talking about. Easiest way is to put your arrow on the Alert bubble. You don't have to click on it. Now when you leave to a thread the Alert is gone. That's how it's suppose to work.