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  1. What up all, name's Brent and I hail from sunny (and usually hot as balls) FL. Looking to get info on a 1989 5.0 Fox 'vert that I'll be doing some work on. It's pristine and unmolested but it's got about 190k on the clock and it's starting to show it's age. Not totally sure on the direction we want to take with it, so looking to get some ideas.

    My own corral includes:
    -2001 Pontiac Trans Am
    Front mount PTK clone turbo kit, 76mm snail, built 4L60e w/3000 stall, full BMR suspension, blah blah blah etc etc. Also have a disk brake 8.8 from an LSC waiting to go into it :)
    -2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    2" lift on 31"s, main driver/haul and tow rig, tribute vehicle to my dad.
    -2002 Triumph Daytona 955i
    Pipercross filter, TOR exhaust, TOR performance tune, custom paint, and a bunch of other crap
    -2000 Yamaha R6
    Track bike...I wouldn't even know where to start with the mod list for this.

    The T/A:

    The Jeep:

    The Triumph:

    The R6:

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  2. Finally stepping up to a Mustang! :D

    Welcome to SN. :)
  3. ... my name is humpty
    pronounced with an umpty
    Yo ladies, oh how I like to funk thee.

    ... welcome :D
  4. *Attaches something shiney to N8's helmet and face guard*
  5. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighttt lol thanks guys
  6. If you're keeping the T/A, I'd suggest removing the LS1 and installing a NPI 2V mod motor.
  7. +1 !!!!!!1111oneone
  8. Really? That sounds freaking awesome!!

    If you have one, I'll trade my LS1 straight up for it!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Not only that... We'll sweeten the pot with some Summit Racing stickers (20 HP each)! :nice:

    I'd toss in an underglow kit but I've been using it for night time dynamite fishing. :(
  10. LMAO!! You guys are so generous :D
  11. I have a mean NPI 2V that puts out almost 240 RWHP... that should be quite the upgrade from your measly LS-juan

    :D you'll fit right in on this site. Stop over in the OT forum (squeaky wheel) for some good laughs :nice: :rlaugh:
  12. Lol I definitely will...and the Fox 5.0 tech forum is ed-zachary what I was looking for.
  13. nice cars BTW, and look forward to seeing pics of the fox :nice:
  14. Welcome to stangnet.
  15. Thank you, sir...

    without further adieu, pics of the LBF (little blue fox)!!


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  16. When is the ls1 going into it?
  17. Put an El-es-Juan in it?? Screw that...those things piston slap like diesels and sound like weedwackers!

    Actually, I'm all about cross-mojonation in engine swaps (the Jeep will most likely get a 5.3 with the stock top end of my LS1) but she's kind of a purist and I don't think she'd want a GM motor in her pony.

    Still not sure whether to try to rebuild the existing 302, hunt for another one to do a junkyard rebuild with the same cubes, stroker build, or something crazy like a blown 5.4 swap. I need answers, dammit!!
  18. I see you were welcomed properly.....pretty straight looking TA just not a big fan of the red stripes, but hey to each is own. Makes me wish I still had my 99 TA, sitting next to my mustang's OFC.