Progress Thread An Unholy Abomination

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  1. Mwahahahahaha
    Welcome to my laboratory! Such a collection of half finished abominations you will seldom see.

    Now that I have your attention. Lol
    I recently bought a 77 Ghia in need of some tender care. Namely in the form of assembly and a motor/transmission. Well you know how life goes, and how expensive projects can get. All my body work is done, (well almost all of it). And all I was waiting on was capital to buy my tranny (5 speed) and she would be on the road. Then six months passed.....
    I bought a police issue push bar for my full sized bronco and alas it was about 6-8 inches too short. So as I'm taking it to my workshop to cut it and add length I sat it on the bumper of my II just for a moment to open the doors to my shop. And turned around only to have an idea so twisted one would almost think I had watched a mad Max marathon. ( I actually had.) So now I set out to find a Bronco II to chop, cut, and maul until it mates to NEMESIS. This is my build thread FB_IMG_1509811554314.jpg IMG_20170922_164513.jpg FB_IMG_1506116760112.jpg

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  2. Looks like you have your work cut out...... :)