ANOTHER RANT about Discount Tire...IMPORTANT

Discussion in '1965 - 1973 Classic Mustangs -General/Talk-' started by allcarfan, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. OK,

    As many of you nkow, discount tire measures their backspacing different from anyone else that sells wheels in the world...thats another story though (why my wheels didnt fit)

    THis rant is about the 'financing' option that they have. I financed my wheels for two years. I figured id have them paid off LONG before that, but I decided to do that so I didnt have to fork out $1500 up front. THe payments are $75 which includes a $10 finance problem. I made my first payment....$75. I get my second statement...$43 finance charge...WTF??

    I call discount tire and explain to them everyhting i was told over the phone and how the finance charge is only suppose to be $10 blah blah blah. They said I could switch to a 12 month plan with no interest and no finance charges as long as I had everything paid off as of December 2004. THATS the deal i wanted originally that they said I couldnt have. So, I asked again about the additional finance charges on this bill and why it was there and this and that. NOT ONCE did they answer my question. THey just kept telling me about this new deal that they had. Finally, I asked one last time why I was being charged this when I was told differently on the phone. Answer: "we have a new offer...." I was PISSED OFF. They could not answer a simple question about one of their own policies!

    Bottom line a new deal...better deal. However, I will NEVER IN MY LIFE do business with this company again.