Anti - ricer stickers

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  1. Anybody know where I can get anti - ricer stickers to stick on my truck? Like an X over a riced out civic or "imports suck".
  2. my friend has one on his 78 camaro that has *** **** crossed out
  3. I say don't do the stickers, becasue that is just rice, just woop the s**t out of them and then they will know how you feel about them.
  4. importspiss.jpg

    i had this on my car for a while, friend had it made at some shop, then i realized it was kinda.. tacky on the stang so i took it off, i figure there's plenty of imports that can whoop me, maybe when i get a little faster :)

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  5. i want a sticker to

    i want to show my hatred damn it
  6. I wouldn't put one on my car, it'd be just like some dumb punk ricer to **** up my car because of it. :mad:

  7. yea that crossed my mind too
  8. **** you all ricers rule the earth, my Civic with the k20 and full race turbo kit could whoop any of your little **** mustangs, **** AMERICAN CARS!!!!!!!!!
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  9. :nice: yea what he said
  10. So does it become a "full race turbo kit" before or after you race it. Is there any distance requirement, is it 1/4 mile or 1/8 mile before becoming "full race". Sounds like a sales pitch to me. I'll give you $1.50.

    Let me kick it to you brother. Cars period are great. Claiming to be able to whoop any mustang here is a bit out there. Many here are bolt on performance guys. Basic performance mods (think stickers for imports). Others are producing serious power and outstanding 60 ft times. The fact is that the assinine nature of your statement even offends me. Thats difficult do to the fact that I just sold my last civic for mustang parts money and still enjoy all types of motorsports. Time for bigger and better things in life. Remember, a 10 second Mustang takes a grip of cash, but is still cheaper than building a 10 second import.
    I'm done for now...Sorry for the long post to all my Stangers
  11. A) troll
    B) retarded
    and lastbut not least
    C) take your riddlin queer bait
  12. :lol: He's got to be joking/sarcastic. That was a good example of the grammer skills of a ricer though.
  13. **** stickers
  14. Lol, so some ricer joined the board to dig up a 1.5 year old post.

    LMAO.And while we're naming cars we don't have. My twin turbo 427 cobra kit car would totally pwn your k20 honda.

  15. i almost shot diet pepsi outta my nose when i read that :lol:
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  16. I saw something funny at the Ocean City, MD Car and Truck show... there was a Type R Integra at the show and on the quarter window on the side it said "Stickers add 20hp"... haha I found it pretty funny
  17. So the Biotch didnt return? Hell it was actually the fact that [email protected] and US where in his name that pi$$ed me off.
    I think most import guys hold the same facination for gearhood as most of us. Hell somehow I grew up in a chevy family, dad even had a drag chasiss shop for awhile. Now im a recovering rice aholic. Like alcoholism, you never rid yourself of the problem (wife has a Sentra SER). Dads still not pleased with the blue oval, but its domestic.

  18. Be careful with that full race turbo kit; you don't want to blow the welds on your intake. You got the stand alone fuel management system to go with it?

    You better watch out with that much power the floor pans tend to come loose and fall off. Must be fun with the 10 speed trans too! You got NAAAUUUSSSS?

    Words of wisdom: "Racing an import is like racing in the special olympics, even if you win, you're still retarded"

    I kid, I kid...LOL
  19. SILLY RICERS....
    when will they learn wings and loud exhaust doesnt make it faster. adding Japanese parts dont help either yes you tend to get some good ground with all those poorly made add ons but the only problem is they never last long but when u have a charger with a hemi and all solid made add on kits well you tend to get 30 + yrs out of it and best part pushing 1400hp b4 noz is always fun when i sit next to a ricer..