Any Cali 4.6 Drivers On Here? I Have A Few Questions

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  1. Do you think i would be pulled over for getting my exhausts relocated to the sides? would they check under my hood if i did? how would i put a turbo on without them bothering me? and would driving a lowered car with some body modifications give them a reason to pull me over? thanks
  2. I'm a Cali driver but only in the high desert, i don't think the side exhaust is illegal because svo's have them. My buddy up here has side exhaust and never had any trouble. As for the turbo, don't drive crazy and I'm sure most of the cops won't even know or care. Down the hill honda's get reamed for everything not so much muscle cars unless you're very loud and being stupid. Our state law says we can't be lowered with in a certain amount of inches but I see stangs lowered all the time, even mine is dropped 1.5 all the way around. Once again honda's get the poop stick on the lowering part as I've yet to here I got pulled over because my mustang was too low. But yes you can get pulled over for the turbo with out carb numbers, yes lowering our cars too much is illegal, no body kits are not illegal and the side exhaust I'm sure is fine... At least where I live. I haven't had any problems in rancho, Colton, San Diego, and riverside when I go out driving the guys.
  3. I dont do stupid stuff lol but what i meant about side exhaust and a different rear bumper and spoiler but no rice. the stalker rear end for the new edge. i dont know of any smog legal turbos or superchargers for a new edge 4.6...i dont like those honda probably drop 1.5 inches. im just asking do u think it would garner any extra attention from just worried about beverly hills police cuz they piss me off. they always search my car and everything. i dont do drugs i dont drive like an idiot but they always search my car. i have no tickets and a clean record. im just wondering for my future ideas lol
  4. Vortech and Kenne Bell have California legal superchargers...don't know about "Cali" though ;)
  5. ill look them up to see the prices, thanks for telling me
  6. Side exhaust may be illegal. Cal the cali DMV and ask. Here in MA (which copies a lot of Cali laws) the exhaust must exit behind the passenger compartment...which on a car extends to the trunk and rear bumper.
  7. that would suck if it were true...but i hope someone knows if it is for sure not true
  8. You should be the one to call the dmv and let us know :) I think it looks good done right. I like saleen rear bumpers with the exhaust form fitting to the cut outs. Pure sexiness.
  9. ill give them a call tomorrow and post right after i find out. i like the cervini stalker rear bumper and spoiler...touch any other bumpers and it will look rice (except for cobra roush and saleen bumpers of course)
  10. the laws may have changed, it is California after all, but it used to be that the exhaust had to exit behind the rear of the doors. The Saleen, Roush and CDC side exhausts were Cal legal when they came out...but the rules seem to change frequently. Last time the smog check guy gave me crap for my Shaker...
  11. it turns out as long as its past the i guess so...but the question still remains how do you at least quiet down a blowoff valve? and am i right when i say its hard to know that a car is turboed if you do not drive it hard?
  12. honestly, according to the LAW, it's excessive or unusual noise... the ONLY noise level i can find for a motor vehicle less than 6k lbs is 95 Db at 50 feet

    V C Section 27151 Modification of Exhaust Systems

    "(b) For the purposes of exhaust systems installed on motor vehicles with a manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating of less than 6,000 pounds, other than motorcycles, a sound level of 95 dbA or less, when tested in accordance with Society of Automotive Engineers Standard J1169 May 1998, complies with this section. Motor vehicle exhaust systems or parts thereof include, but are not limited to, nonoriginal exhaust equipment. "

    so pretty much, as long as your BOV doesn't sound EXTREMELY loud, you should be fine.

    as for the exhaust, the CAL DMV website is down... garbage like all the other California State ANYTHING...

    you'll be fine man, do it up