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  1. Looking for mustang clubs here, i have only found one but it would be nice to get together with other mustang enthusiast to do drives on the island or something fun.
  2. haydee, Hey I am on Oahu also but it is hard to find Mustang clubs here. I found Aloha Mustang Club, Sent an email but never heard anything back. What do you have?
  3. Mustang clubs on Oahu don't appear to really be overly acceptive of new comers, Aloha has over 500 members they say, most members I've met are nice. Aloha Shelby and Mustang club guys are usually at Wendy's parking lot in Kapolei every Saturday night... download the member application on line and bring the $50 bucks annual fee to one of the car shows or mail it to them to join.

    HPM seems like a smaller group, younger, more fun crowd but not much appears to be organized regularly, I haven't actually met up with anyone from HPM only seen stickers on mustangs on H1. I joined the online forum and donated $75 bucks online to HPM (Hawaii Performance Mustangs ) but never heard anything back from them either, their web site says to join you have to show up to one of their organized events... HPM runs on donation only...

    Kalaeloa Raceway in the Kapolei area has shows and events too featuring both clubs and just cool people with hot cars...

    Beware though - (had my application and check for Aloha with me but ripped it up now) watch out for the haters at Wendy's parking lot... It is an unofficial car sit and shine where all the island vintage rods and newer American Muscle: Dodge, Chevy, and Ford park and show off their cars, was really fun the first night tons of super cool cars and project cars. Went 3 Saturdays, then got threatened on the 4th Saturday and screamed at by some jerk because I revved up my engine the previous Saturday when I left, no just talking and being civil - upset this guy once and be harasses forever. The guy and his kid write license plates down and call police, unless you ask why he is writing your info then he yelled that I was exhibitioning and says he is going to call police, once again, hates new comers evidently.. I could definitely show him what exhibitionism really is... LOL :burnout:Shucks, I even went to Kmart after that and got harassed by this jerk - parked at the other end of the lot! Nuff Said.

    Lets meet up and cruise I just want to have fun! :)
    We did circle island and Kapolei to Yokohama Beach last weekend (check out the album if you like). Anytime - I would love to get a chain of mustangs together to cruise rather than sit and have people lean all over my car... Im on westside Oahu. You can message me on Makakilo Mustangs if you are serious about weekend cruises.
  4. they can call police till they're blue in the face for all the good it will do. Some idiot running around screaming? One or two ass-kickings will cure whatever ails him. :shrug:
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  5. On Oahu......
  6. Cruised today, went to the Kalaeloa Car Show, was great. A little hot on all that asphalt. There was a TV car show producer there. Cant wait to see if we made it on his video... we were the only 2 Shelby GT 500s at the show. There were two sweet Boss 302's and a couple 80-90 models. Tons of vintage street rods and a picnic table car! Check out my albums. I will try to upload more of the other cars, I only have the mustangs up now... too bad the SUV was parked between my son's 65 and the yellow 80-90 GT would have been a great photo.:rock:

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  7. last sunday cruise 5.jpg OH! Almost forgot to share last weekend cruise to Honolulu... Both shelby's and the 65... came across an interesting demonstration for the guys by the Capitol! I know how to pick the routes... LOL>:banana:
    last sunday cruise 1.jpg last sunday cruise 2.jpg last sunday cruise 3.jpg last sunday cruise 4.jpg
  8. 10513_3421888400537_1795294101_n.jpg 183255_3421887720520_797495066_n.jpg 223172_3421891640618_54293348_n.jpg 557309_3421892640643_1336613911_n.jpg Cruised AGAIN today... 09/09/12... Mokuleia saw sky divers and gliders... then off to Haleiwa had lunch at Banzai Sushi - back to Kapolei - was a good Anniversary celebration of 23 years! Thanks for cruising with me! Actually had a GT tailing for 2 blocks - was cool to have 3 Mustangs in line! Calling ALL Mustangs - Lets Cruise next Saturday... ALOHA!