Anyone 94-95 Guys With A 3" Svo Hood?

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  1. hey guys, so the clearcoat is starting to peel some on my hood. I am wanting to possibly get a different hood when it comes time to paint. I was stuck between putting the xenon hood scoop that american muscle sells(looks like stock scoop on the 99-04's which i like and was gonna paint it a flat black) or a svo hood. Im leaning towards the svo hood more so now because i would eventually like to put a kenne bell blower on my car and need the clearance. Ive seen several pics of them on cars and they look really mean on our body style. I was wondering though if anyone had a pic as to what the hood looks like from inside the car in the driver seat. Most models i see are 3" hoods so that must be the most common. Just wondering if that size hood hinders your vision any at all. If anyone had a pic like that please post it i would love to see it. Also anyone that has one if you could tell me where you got it from and how the fitment was when you got it that would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks everyone!
  2. i don't have a pic of that hood particularly but i can tell you it won't be any higher than your wiper blades are now. that's pretty much the industry standard when it comes to hood high in the field of view. i don't even notice my cervini cobra R hood (which is a 3.5") anymore. and please don't get that zenon scoop, it will look horrible.