Anyone got an A4LD laying around?

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  1. I'm trying to sell my car and im afraid no one is going to buy it in the condition the A4LD is in now..Its my daily driver but i dont want it to get worse. I'm sure some of you just want to get rid of this thing after doing a T5 swap or something. but if ya have one layin around, ill take it off your hands..Again, im selling the car but its my daily i dont want a burnt/slipping one like the one i have in there now. Something that will last a good amount of time.


  2. i have was slippin a little when it's first started but once it warmed up it shifted fine.
  3. I'll have one within the month, doesn't slip.

  4. Mine shifted really firm but jersey is a long way and im still working on pulling it out.
  5. Yeah I'd be picking up the transmission if anyone had one. Unless owner could ship at a reasonabl price.
  6. im supprized, most of you do the 5spd guys junk ur A4LD's already?
  7. ill have one. but its in the car still. but since your moving nere me. you could probably pick it up.
  8. haha true ;)
  9. anyone??

    still looking..