Anyone know who can charge an Optima battery?

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  1. My yellow top needs a charge, went to Autozone and they said they couldnt do it cuz its a gel batt and woud fry their charger. Anyone kno who can charge them or is there a specific charger I can buy?
  2. I think you have to put it on a trickle charger overnight
  3. Hmm, I never heard of an Autozone not being able to charge a yellow top.. You sure they just didnt want to do it? lol.. As Stykthyn said, trickle chargers work great, but i think if you make some calls to Autozone's or Pepboys, you will find one that can do it..
  4. Yeah, they were just standing around slacking when I went in, prob just didnt want to do it, lazy f***ers. ill call around . thanks guys.
  5. I'm pretty sure Pep Boys can. If all else fails you can probably buy a decent charger and do it yourself for a decent price, and then you'll always have that to fall back on if you need it.
  6. It would charge just like any other battery, they're just being lazy. Spend $15-20 on a charger and do it yourself.
  7. I've charged my optima with a standard charger...worked fine
  8. for some reason if you let an optima drain all the way dead and dont get a it a charge quick. its pretty much garbage, ive gone through a couple before I learned this. Now I just have a trickle carger hooked up to the battery and its always in the car so I just have to plug it in. But I charge mine with any charger I have and never had any issues.
  9. I burnt up a charger at work trying to charge my redtop. My small charger at home was working hard and getting hot but it charged it.
  10. yeah they were just being lazy f**ks. i work at autozone, i've charged many a red, yellow and blue top optimas. like everyone else has said, just needs to be on a trickle charger.
  11. I had Advance Auto charge my Red Top, even if the battery goes bad while it is being charged they have a three years warranty.
  12. I have went thru 2 red top optimas :notnice:

    I think they suck!!
  13. im on my 5th red top...paid for the were free replacements.
  14. I have never had any isses with the 2 redtops I have had....
  15. I've had my red top for 3 years.. Installed it on day 1, had to do nothing else since then..
  16. im not sure how long ive had it, the warrenty might be up. i had it tested and they said it was a good batt, just needed a charge.
  17. Man that dude that told you he couldnt charge it is a turd. I work for Autozone I know for a fact that we can!!!!
  18. I charge my optima battery with my visa. :shrug:
  19. +1 on those 'Zoners being lazy bums. You can charge an Optima there, no problems ... maybe not the BEST way to charge one, but it won't smoke the machine or anything stupid like that. I'd pitch a fit with the DM and tell them to get their employees' heads on straight.