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  1. how up to date are these.....because i have had an accident that has been reported, and its not on that one of those things that takes 6 months to register??
  2. no clue...i'm just running these reports. i'm not even lookin at the cars the reports are for. :shrug:
    maybe it'll say on they say they don't have everything...and there's a link to click if you have something to add to the report.

    and emailed your's jamez1502
  3. did the last two
  4. emailed it.
  5. Could you please run a carfax for 1FAFP4043YF185059 It's a 2000 mustang. The title says 75-94% loss. So I would like to know what happend to it. Thanks
  6. have an email?
  7. sent...hope it tells you what you wanna know. i just saw a lot of red.. :shrug:
  8. Thanks a bunch