Anyone polish the C&L plenum on the inside?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by dragginuts, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. Just wondering if anyone did this to maybe get a little more airflow, and make it smoother inside. I was also thinking about polishing the outside to shine it up. Would this work, if not, why? Thanks
  2. The inside is pretty smooth already and I don't think you will see a gain from polishing the inside. You can polish the outside as long as you follow the proper steps - just like polishing any cast aluminum part.
  3. Um have you looked inside that thing, it's the same as on the outside, maybe a little smoother, i thought smoothing out the plenum on the inside would help airflow and create less turbulence...maybe get it a litle bigger on the inside.
  4. I Ported and Polished my Dragon Plenum,every little bit helps :nice:
  5. what kinda tools needed to port and polish it?
  6. A dremel works if you have one. The wire disks do an awesome job of polishing it.
  7. Awsome, how much does a dremel cost, i want to polish Seriously, do you need buffing compound stuff or anything, or just the disks?
  8. You can get a complete kit from Eastwood - they may be a little pricey but they have what you need.

    And yes, I have looked inside many of the plenums and compared to other cast aluminum parts, they are pretty smooth inside (unless you got a bum one for some reason).

    If you got the Accufab TB (shiny billet aluminum), a polished plenum will look killer with it.
  9. i thought about polishing mine too, but i wont bother im sure it wouldnt make that much difference.
  10. What steps would you follow to polish the plenum? I'm going to polish my aluminum driveshaft too at work, we have all the tools(semi mech.)