Anyone see the newest issue of MM&FF

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  1. anything can be fast, but only certain cars can get you laid...

    then again I'm always too busy having fun driving to notice chicks checkin my car out.
  2. yeah JL's car is in it too...
  3. Whoever seen that coming. :D
  4. Why hasnt mine came in the mail yet....:nonono:
  5. mine came a week ago
  6. Now Im really mad.
    Maybe they have something againt Texans.:rolleyes:
  7. The office is in NJ so maybe the printer is also....i'm closer or your mailman reads your mags
  8. That looks impressive!!

    Brian, have you had chance to get your car together?
  9. Yeah, the engine is pretty much back together....newly balanced crank and all. :D

    I've just pretty much got the timing cover and accessories to put on and I'll be dropping it back into my engine bay....for a second time. :bang:

    Next up is the exhaust system and the XCal 2 to tie it all together. I’m lucky if I get to drive this thing at all this year before its time to put it away. :(
  10. damn slacker, get your motor in cannuck :canada:
  11. Just proves that even a lump of crap can be fast if you put enough motor and money into it!



  12. I paid attention to the Cover car, the 97 Green cobra making 950 rwhp
  13. and that thing runs :lol:
  14. :eek:.......... Cynical Mother F***er!!!

    .....ah well, at least my lump of crap will always ride better than any of your cars. That's sorta comforting, I guess!?! :(

    OMG.....Pot, Meet Mr Kettle. How long has that planter of yours been sitting in your parents driveway collecting cobwebs? I've had my engine in and out twice in the time it took you to get yours running once pecker head.....and when all is said and done, I'll still have a faster car that you. :D
  15. I have a '95 XR7, fully loaded, great car, plenty of power, even tho it's only the 3.8L, it has 160k on it, but the head gasket blew two hears ago, had the heads rebuilt and ported and polished, few other very small things. My girl ran into the back of a civic SI with it....damnit, but it was covered thankfully, and not much damage to either car, but I need a fender and outside parking light/turn signal cover, should be cheap and I plan to fix myself.

    When I'm not driving my mustang, i'm driving my cougar.

    Cars i've beaten with my Cougar;

    2001 Neon regular 16v 5 spd
    '90 civic hatch w/cams exhaust and intake
    My cousins '89 SHO....only cause he missed third tho
    My Cousins '95 V6 Mustang W/ Auto
    BMW 328i
    3 MKII 16 valve Jetta's, but lost to plenty of GTI's etc etc
    Raced my own cougar with my VR6 and smoked it tho hehe.

    Cougar's of that era are awesome if you invest and do it right.

    I've seen video's of the supercharged one's running very good numbers. Ofcourse not stock, lots of work done, but holy **** they can be made to run!!!

    A few pics:

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