Anyone started writing their xmas lists??

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  1. The one part I hope Santa Clause brings me is some slp long tubes.

    If he doesnt im gonna kick him in the sugar plums:mad:
  2. Mine is...oh yeah i dont get a christmas list

    i dont have anyone to buy me anything.:notnice:

    but i may buy myself some things for my bike
  3. hahahaha yea i hope i get my long tubes my dad may or may not get them for me lol. It all depends on how well i do this semester in college. If i hit the deans list then i think its a go:nice: He also made a deal with me that if i some how get all A's in college he will buy me a brand new C6 Z06 but man thats hard but it sure as heck would be something to work for.

    Oh and my dad use to be against me modding my car cause he wanted me to keep it original but now cause so many of my friends say they wanna get evos just to tear my car apart he wants me to supercharge it just to shut them up.:nice:
  4. oh and i was planning on getting stuff for my bike too but i guess its already fast so ill just have to get the mustang somewhat closer to the bike in performance to keep things even well somewhat even. I actually was planning to start racing the bike this summer but ill hold off for another year on that cause i wanna get more done to the car and then buy a new body for the bike so i dont damage up my pretty limited edition paint job.
  5. Im just getting some cosmetic stuff really because its fast enough but maybe a new sprocket, windscreen, and maybe some new wheels.
  6. Not yet, but started thinking about it. Inlaws get me a $200 gift cert every year, I think I'm gonna tell the kids to tell them to get it from mustangtuning. Other main things I'm going to ask for are 4:10's, chin spoiler, and H&R SS. Might be able to get 2 out of the 3 if I'm lucky.
  7. yea my bike is already fast enough only things ive got on it are a power commander and a wire jumper mod which has teh bike running off the euro specs and its insane lol. I want to race a stock gixxer 750 now lol i did back when i was stock and kept up pretty well but i was also still sorta getting use to teh bike so now it would be interesting.
  8. A c6 zo6....ur a lucky bastard if you have a chance to get that just for getting a's i would have no life except for studying and working my ass off to get a car like that lol
  9. hahahahaha what do you think im doing lol but i gotta hold it all 4 years im here well actually 5 years cause im staying for a masters degree. Im gonna be a rich sucka anyways cause my major is accounting and im gettin a masters.
  10. Since the stang is gone....nothing too fun...but here's what I'm wishing for!

    Nintendo Wii (looks like fun)
    Wakeboard for the boat!
  11. Borla Mufflers and some detailing supplies.
  12. i'm hoping for a 6 point cage, some upper and lower control arms, and a maybe a new 9mm glock or sigg.
  13. Sig Sauer P226ST .40S&W w/TLR-2 combination tactical flashlight/laser pointer :drool:
  14. 9mm glock:drool: Man i would love to get a colt 45 but seeing how im only 19 Its not legal for me. And ammo is way too expensive for my wallet. I like my 22 pistal though ammo is cheap as heck 550 rounds for 8 bucks lol and i can go through those pretty quick.