Anyone tried the superchips microtuner?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by v8thunder1, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. I was thinking of getting one of the microtuners for my 99 GT because unlike the hypertech, the superchips tuner works at all rpms part and full throttle. Let me know if youve had any experience with one. Thanks
  2. I used it on an 01 GT I used to have. I thought it worked great. Used it for the 4.10 gears I put in. Firmed up shift on the auto tranny and raised the shift points. Also able to set the thermostat at 180*. Put in on the 91 octane program and gave a noticable increase on the SOTP meter. If I had gotten an auto with the mach I would have kept it and used it but since I have a 5-speed all it would do now is fix the speedo if I changed gears wich I don't plan on doing anytime soon.
  3. I have it for my 03. fixed my speedo after i did my gears. I have it in the 91 octane setting not sure about hp gain only because i did a few mods at once. But did what i needed it to do :nice:
  4. I've got one on my 2003 GT with auto tranny. The tranny definately shifts firmer at WOT, but I wasn't sure if I felt a difference in HP. The wife recently forgot I told her to use Premium, and put in 87 octane. I took it right home (one mile - slowly) and changed the program to the 87 octane setting.

    Now I know it works because it definately feels like it has lost some HP. The best way to describe it is that with the Premium program there is a noticable increase in the cars pull starting around 2500-3000 RPM that is now gone. The pull is now pretty much steady and slower all through the RPM range.

    I have to admit that I don't know if the Superchips 87 octane program is worse than the stock program, but I can't see why they would do that. End result is that as soon as I burn up this tank of gas I'm going back to Premium. :D
  5. Likely a dumb question on my part ....
    What do you mean "unlike the hypertech, the superchips tuner works at all rpms part and full throttle"?
  6. I E-mailed hypertech..........

    I Emailed them and they said that Its illegal for them to adjust the part throttle settings or better yet anything other then WOT, and from what Ive gathered the superchips mirotuner will adjust the whole range od rpms at part or full throttle.
  7. :rlaugh: That made my day, thanks for sharing that. Why would anyone buy that stuff?
  8. I'd believe it. Most, if not all, the emmissions standards are measured in closed loop(part throttle). So messing with those parameters would be the equivelent of taking out your cats.

    Edit: changed buy to believe...I wouldn't buy the product, just the closed loop stuff
  9. superchips

    I have wondered about that also. I asked Hypertech and they said
    their tuning is felt 75% throttle to WOT. I think they said it is against
    Fed regulations to change the program tuning in cruising part throttle

    Superchips does claim on their website that they do tune that way...
    So I don't know??

    You guys with the microtuner--Do you feel the firmed up auto tranny shifts in all types of driving, or just WOT?
  10. Guys these plug in programmers/microtuners aren't all they're cracked up to be. Save your money for better proven mods. They do have some neat features, but if they were really THAT good ... Don't you think everyone and their mother would have one?
  11. Just my .02 but nothing is better than a dyno tuned custom chip.