Anyone Using a TFS stage 1 or 2 cam?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 93VertLX, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. I have the setup that is in my signature. Now I am looking at a cam, either the Trick flow Stage 1 or stage 2 cam. Its gonna be a street car with occasional strip use. It will not be a daily driver though. For anyone using either of these cams, how do you like them? Thanks. :flag:
  2. there is nothing in your signature...
  3. stage1 and im very happy with it
  4. Yea i just realized i forgot my signature! Its one of those days! Does the stage 1 have a good lope to it at idle? Does it have good street manners and power? Thanks.
  5. I would say the stage 1 would be better with your combo since they were all designed to work together. Let me know how that cam lopes and acts on the street, I just bought one for my mild combo I'm building.
  6. i don't think you could fit a stage 2 with stock pistons, it's abit much anyways, stage 1 is what I've been recommended, $140.00 through summit....
  7. the stage1 does have a pretty decent lope to it, kinda weird but it has a crazy lope when cold but once warmed up it tames down, its street manners are excellent and very tame as i drive my car ALOT, the power is awesome too 2500-6000 atleast with a blower it makes nice power, not sure on N/A
  8. It is similar N/A...although my combo comes on more around 3200-3300 and then rips to redline. Keep in mind this is with low compression and I'm at altitude also. It is very driveable but doesn't like to cruise below about 1500 revs (bucking).
    You can fit the stage 2 in there if you retard it a few degrees, but at that point your shift points would be beyond 6500 revs. Go with the stage 1.
  9. I run Edelbrock 6032s (1.90/1.60 - slighty ported) with a TFS Stage 2 cam. I had to clearance the valve reliefs in my stock pistons to make it work. Other than that, with an Air Gap and Demon carb, it pulls from about 3,200 until redline. I love it, and I'm glad I got it, idle is noticeable but not so lumpy that it screams "I'm over-cammed".

    I've used only an F cam before, and that was when it was an EFI setup, so its not an apples to apples comparison. I would just say that I think the Stage 2 is a bit more aggressive and loves to run hard.

    Hope that helps.
  10. I have the Stage 1. Ditto on the bucking under 1500. Mine seems to wake up at about 3K. I don't notice a lope. Seems like a mild cam to me. You can hear that the car has a cam once it's above 2500rpms. I like mine, I'd buy it again given the chance.
  11. I like mine, has a nice lope idle and pulls preaty good from about 2,500-2,800 rpms to redline. for the price I dont think you can get a better cam. The only thing I dont like about it is my 94's computer does not like it and needs a tune.

    I am glad I am not the only person having bucking at 1,500 rpm's, its not bad but seems to me that its almost like the gas pedal is too sensitive.

    with the cam and unpored gt40 heads and pullies,gears,shifter,exhaust, and Timing at 14* I went [email protected] in a heavy as$ 94 GT so it runs.
  12. Yeah that's how it feels to if I could just control the throttle a tiny bit more it would be fine, but I can't, so it bucks. Running in a gear above around 1500 isn't usually a big deal anyways.
  13. Any body know a web site were they are selling the new packages that trick flow has? I cant find it on summit.
  14. I saw it in the front of a Summit Catalog...
  15. I cant find it on there web site tho maybe they havent updated it yet :shrug:
  16. I'll post the part# when I get home from work...
  17. awsome larsd thanks man :banana:
  18. TFS-K514-350-370 is the EFI engine kit

    TFS-K514-360-350 is the Track Heat engine kit

    Punch these numbers in at and they should give you the two available setups.